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How to leave a job without burning bridges

By Kirk Wakefield and Chris Morales In the middle of the Great Resignation–the Big Quit or the Great Reshuffle–no better time exists than now to emphasize the best way to go about resigning without looking like a quitter. Let’s start from the time you first take a job until the time comes to move on….Continue Reading How to leave a job without burning bridges

S3 Summer 2022 Update

Baylor S3 ladies with Gretchen Sheirr, President, Houston Rockets

What’s happening in S3? New in 2022-23 All S3 Club meetings (schedule TBA) will be open to S3 Club members, alumni, recruiters and long-time supporters to join on Zoom or drop by in-person if you’re in town. These Wednesday/Thursday lunch meetings (12:15-1pm) feature Shorty’s Pizza, the official pizza of S3! The S3 Awards Show in…Continue Reading S3 Summer 2022 Update