The Baylor Curb S3E Program

The Curb S3E program is unique in vision, values, mission and culture to transform the business of sports, music and entertainment. No other academic program in the world focuses solely on revenue generation in this industry. Consistent with the Christian mission and purpose of Baylor University, we prepare passionate servant leaders to positively influence lives in places people go to play or watch others play or perform.

Join the S3E Club here. Declare S3E Marketing as your major here. Register as a recruiter for our virtual S3E Pro Days to interview S3E talent here. See placement data and outstanding S3E alumni here. Read more on the curriculum and program on the Baylor Hankamer School of Business webpages here. Learn more about Mike Curb and the Curb S3E Program here.

S3E Vision

To instill integrity in the business of sports, music and entertainment.

S3E Values

The acronym SIC ‘EM represents Spirit, Integrity, Commitment, Empowerment, and Motivation.

S3E Mission

To faithfully live lives of integrity marked by a strong work ethic to influence and transform relationships in the sports, music and entertainment industry one person at a time.

S3E Culture

Members of S3E agree to:

  1. Stay fit
    • We bring ourselves to work and school: spiritually, physically, morally, emotionally and financially.
  2. Make it better
    • Make the good better, the better best, never let it rest.
  3. Take it personally
    • Each S3E member takes the S3E vision, values and mission personally.
  4. Collaborate
    • Leadership isn’t just getting things done right, but getting things done through other people.
  5. Replace yourself
    • We extend our influence by finding and mentoring replacements.
  6. Remain open-handed
    • We embrace change with an open mind, with open hands and open communication.
  7. Go the 2nd mile
    • Go beyond the minimum. Exceed expectations.

Staying fit, beginning with our spiritual lives, drives overall fitness and behaviors consistent with SIC ‘EM values and the other six behaviors to accomplish the S3E Vision and Mission. Going the 2nd mile is the keystone to completing the first six behaviors that permeate the S3E Culture.

These values are adapted from North Pointe resources found here.

S3E Transformation

The overall goal of S3E and its partners is to transform the business of the sports, music and entertainment workplace to value competitive compensation, work/life integrity, and retention.

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