S3 Values Based Leadership Advisory Board


Members of the Baylor S3 Values Based Leadership (VBL) Advisory Board include:

  • Dennis Lindsey, Advisor, Utah Jazz
    • “I have been fortunate to be part of organizations that were all values based.  The Values Based Leadership gave us an operational vision.  But more importantly our values held us accountable to the highest standards.  Honesty, integrity, and internal transparency have to be bedrocks to any sustainable sports organization.”
  • Chrissy Dunlap, Chief Revenue Officer, BirdieBox
    • “Speed to trust is everything to building relationships with Values Based Leadership. Being intentional to create an environment that acts with transparency, honesty and accountability allows our people to better understand their roles, goals and value to a greater mission. It’s our job as leaders to create a safe space for people to try ambitiously, fail quickly, apply the learnings and grow holistically. This pattern fosters trust in one’s own abilities as well as peers while spurring creativity and vision.”
  • Jose Lozano, Chief Executive Officer, Gravity Global | Chairman, 9th Wonder
    • “With 500+ people around the world, it is impossible to weigh in on all decisions made by our leadership.  Instilling Values Based Leadership throughout our organization ensures that our team understands the core values that must upheld with every decision.”
  • Dan Fleetwood, Vice President, Global Sponsorships, SAP
      • “At its core, true leadership requires a foundation that will guide individuals in their decision making and their interactions with others around them. Value Based Leadership provides that anchor for leaders and serves as a foundation from which organizations can grow and succeed.”
  • Frank Miceli, Chief Revenue Officer, Spurs Sports & Entertainment
    • Values Based Leadership is the basis of everything we do. VBL helps us align our current culture with the future we want to create for our entire organization. Using values helps us keep our past decisions in check while being the guiding principles in helping us achieve the future we want to experience by adapting to new situations and circumstances.”
  • Ronnie Fauss, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Dallas Mavericks
    • “Above all, regardless of outcomes of various initiatives and projects, what matters the most is that you conduct yourself with integrity in your daily operations.  Values Based Leadership was instilled in me during my time as a student at Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business and has continued to be emphasized during my 23 seasons with the Mavs. We strive for our operations to reflect our values, as defined by CRAFTS – Character, Respect, Authenticity, Fairness, Teamwork, and Safety.”
  • Todd Pollock, Senior Vice President & Chief Ticketing Officer, Vegas Golden Knights
    • Values Based Leadership is important to our organization and ourselves because its core competencies are at the heart of our relationship-based sales and service model. We expect our line mates to represent themselves and our brand with integrity and commitment.”
  • Kelly Roddy, Chief Executive Officer, WOWorks (Saladworks, Frutta Bowls, Garbanzo, Zoup, The Simple Greek)
  • Kevin Goll, Chief Strategy Officer, Senior Associate Athletic Director, Baylor University
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