S3E Global Sports Missions

The Center for Sports Strategy and Sales at Baylor University seeks to transform the business of sports and entertainment to value integrity in our professional lives in fulfilling careers. Integrity is the courage to face the demands of reality. Reality demands we integrate work and life, not balance it.

One way to integrate work and life in the business of sports is to invest ourselves in local and global sports programs serving others. We encourage you to give financially and/or to serve with our partners at Hoops for Hope International in global sports trips or Hoops Huddle in Waco sports missions.

Some go and some help others go. Go here to give to S3 Global Sports Missions. Please click on “Additional Info” and write “Missions” in the comments section. Your giving will support sports ministries in developing countries and enable Baylor S3 students to serve on international sports trips.

Focal S3 Sports Missions

S3 Sports Missions support and participate with established local organizations that teach the fundamentals of sports and share how young people can discover significance and purpose in this world.

Kenya: Hearts of Ruiru

Led by Mary Mbaka, Hearts of Ruiru serves hundreds of youth on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya,. Founded in 2012, Hearts uses soccer as a platform to address Alcohol, Drug and Substance Abuse (ADSA) and juvenile delinquency among children and youth. Your support provides food to families, provides scholarships to complete degrees, and help young people find significance and purpose in life.

A gift of $500 feeds 10 families for a month. Each gift helps more children to be involved in sports and points them to a life with hope and a future.

Ovid Football Academy

Led by Jimmy Ovid, the Ovid Football Academy in Umuahia, Nigeria helps underprivileged youth receive training to develop soccer (football) skills. Integrating life lessons with football, students learn to play and live life with honor, honesty, and teamwork.


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