“Integrity is the courage to meet the demands of reality.”

-Dr. Henry Cloud, author of Integrity

Baylor S3’s vision is to instill integrity in the business of sports, music and entertainment. Inserting Dr. Cloud’s definition, our vision is to instill courage to meet the demands of reality in the business of sports, music and entertainment.

What are the demands of reality in the business of sports, music and entertainment?

To be a good businessperson, there are skills that must be learned and developed. Baylor S3 students learn these through our unique curriculum, as the only academic program in the country solely focused on revenue generation in sports, music and entertainment. There are more demands to business than simply business skills. That is the reality for any person to reach their true potential.

These areas and basic, related questions are:

Spiritual- What do I believe about religion and faith?

Physical- Am I taking care of my body?

Moral- Can I be counted on to make decisions that are best for the group?

Emotional- Am I taking care of my mind?

Financial- Do I have sufficient funds to pay for my own needs and some wants?

These demands, while not all explicitly required or monitored by many, if any, companies, are still real. Improving in each of these areas may seem personal and separated from work. They are in a sense. But the reality is these areas have such an impact on an individual that competency in them, or the lack thereof, has an impact on their work. Furthermore, the effects of an individual’s spirituality can extend far beyond themselves and their work.

Everyone has room to improve in one or more of these areas. How we do that is more complicated. There are so many sources of information and advice available to us, particularly online, that makes it hard to know where to look and who to trust. Baylor University, known as one of the most trustworthy universities in the world, offers trusted resources to students, faculty and staff at the school. In addition to those resources listed below, there is another list of recommendations for those who are not part of the Baylor family. The latter list does not rely on our own expertise, but follows Proverbs 13:20 which says, “Walk with the wise and become wise.” The list consists of nationally recognized resources.

TopicOff-Campus ResourceFor Baylor Students
SpiritualBible Gateway
Read about Jesus
Visit: 500 Speight Street
PhysicalPhysical Wellness Toolkit
US Health and Human Services
Visit: SLC- 2nd Floor
MoralNational Church List/Search
Find one near you
Visit: Waco Area Churches
EmotionalPsychology Today
Find assistance nearby using your insurance plan
Visit: SLC, Suite 207, 8AM – 5PM, Walk-in’s welcome!
FinancialMoney Smart
Visit: Sid Richardson Building, East Wing Basement

If we agree these are the demands of reality, how do we find the courage to meet them?

One way to gain courage is to move towards what scares us the most. It might be learning more about one of the areas above.

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