National Collegiate Sports Analytics Championship

In-Person Finals: February 21-22 (Wed/Thurs), 2024, American Airlines Center

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Virtual Round Standings

The November virtual round determines seeding for the in-person NCSAC (February 21-22, 2024). All other students and teams are welcome to register for the Championship to upset the top seeds.

Graduate Business Analytics:

  1. Nicolas Cortes Arango, University of New Haven
  2. Davashish Gaikwad, University of New Haven
  3. Kaylee Trinh, University of Iowa
  4. Shu-Hao Chang, University of Florida
  5. Andrew Codita, University of Findlay
  6. Samuel Danquah, University of Iowa
  7. Connor Bryson, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
  8. Nishant Upadhyay, University of New Haven
  9. Eden Daniel, Baylor University
  10. Hisham Mahmood, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Undergraduate Business Analytics:

  1. Collin Kneiss, Syracuse University
  2. Nicholas Kamimoto, Syracuse University
  3. Tyler Bolebruch, Syracuse University
  4. Dominic Battaglia, University of Iowa
  5. Tyler Ditson, University of New Haven
  6. Brooklynn Pruitt, Baylor University
  7. Michael Moran, University of Iowa
  8. Kyle Davis, Auburn University
  9. Isabel Makulski, Trinity University
  10. Naomi Thevatheril, Baylor University
  11. Ben Camacho, University of Texas at Austin
  12. Jill Turley, Baylor University
  13. Cameron Ledford, University of New Haven
  14. Garrett Kemp, Mercer University
  15. Magdalena Castillo, St. Edward’s University
  16. Anna Schmidt, Baylor University
  17. Marissa Schneider, Syracuse University
  18. Andrew Schulz, Trine University
  19. Katie Kingsley, Springfield College
  20. Nikitha Nallure, University of Iowa
  21. Elijah Mitchell, Middle Tennessee State University
  22. Evan Phillipson, Auburn University
  23. Matthew McAngus, University of Oklahoma
  24. Nora Nguyen, Trinity University
  25. Thuong Le, Trinity University

Top Schools: Graduate

  1. University of Florida
  2. University of Iowa
  3. University of Findlay
  4. University of New Haven
  5. Baylor University

Top Schools: Undergraduate

  1. Syracuse University
  2. University of New Haven
  3. University of Iowa
  4. Baylor University
  5. University of Texas at Austin

What you will do: Students provide 5-minute presentations based on analysis of venue events and ticket scans related to data tracking compost, landfill, recycling, reuse/donation, water usage, energy (kWh), natural gas and other variables related to event and venue management. Judges hear the presentation and evaluate based on (1) statistical analysis, (2) data visualization, (3) actionable insights, (4) communication, and (5) integrity.

The NCSAC Study Guide for the preliminary ticket data round will be updated by the first week in December, 2023, to include guidance with a practice set to prepare for the championship. Learn more by visiting

Why: Integrity, defined by Henry Cloud as “the courage to meet the demands of reality,” is at the center of the competition. Competition is the best way to measure talent. Students who can face the demands of short deadlines to produce actionable insights will shine.

Judges/Recruiters: Register as a judge/recruiter for the in-person rounds at the AAC in Dallas (Feb 21-22, 2024, $50) by clicking here. Judges receive Lululemon caps (thanks to Zoomph), customized gifts from Birdie Box, and a ticket to the Suns/Mavs game.

Professors/Students: Graduating seniors and grad students from universities and colleges, both big and small, have already registered: Baylor University, Bethel University, University of Oklahoma, Catawba College, Ferris State University, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, IUPUI, Mercer University, University of Oregon, Roanoke College, Samford University, Simpson College, Springfield College, St. Edward’s University, Syracuse University, University of Findlay, University of Iowa, University of New Haven, University of San Francisco, West Chester University, and University of Louisiana-Lafayette.

Deadline for in-person finals is January 31, 2024. School admins, professors, or students without a professor/coach, register here.

Partners: Powered by the Oakview Group‘s GOAL, with support from our partners at Birdie Box, Zoomph, TeamWorkOnline, Levy Restaurants, and E-15 Group.

FAQs about the virtual and in-person rounds: Click here; frequently updated with frequent questions.

Please follow our LinkedIn page where we announce all schools and judges like you when you volunteer/register.

Recruiters and Sponsors: Feel free to contact or

Click here for the 2023 Virtual Round Study Guide.

In-Person Round: February 21-22, 2024, American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX, hosted by the Dallas Mavericks.

Thanks again to NCSAC supporters including the American Airlines Center, Zoomph, E-15, Levy Restaurants and Teamworkonline!

More information

Professionals: Pros in the fields of sports and entertainment are invited to judge in the Baylor S3 NCSAC– powered by GOAL–Finals in Dallas, Texas, February 21-22, 2024, at the American Airlines Center, hosted by the Dallas Mavericks. Registration is $50 for judges and $250 for judges who are also recruiting. Registration includes reception the evening before the event, food/beverages at the event, and a ticket to the Mavericks game. Registration is open now.

Professors: Register your schools to compete in the in-person Baylor S3 NCSAC powered by GOAL by clicking here. Students may also register as independent competitors using the same form.

Teams and students competing in the November preliminary round include Syracuse University, University of Iowa, University of Oklahoma, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, Catawba College, University of San Francisco, Mercer University, Simpson College, Ferris State University, Springfield College, The University of Findlay, University of New Haven, University of Oregon, Samford University, Roanoke College, and Baylor University.

In 2024, there are undergraduate and graduate divisions in the NCSAC for Business Analytics.

The Game Analytics championship is being considered as a separate event in 2024-5. Stay tuned!

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