Mayday! or May Day? Finding Purpose and Beauty in the Final Weeks of the School Year

by Mark Hobbs As April turns into May, educators often find themselves contemplating how to navigate the remaining weeks of the school year with a sense of optimism and energy. The term “Mayday,” as defined by Merriam-Webster, serves as an internationally recognized radio word to signal distress, mostly by aircraft and boats. While most of us are happily only familiar with it through TV and fiction, stepping into a 7th grade classroom in May might […]

MA in School Leadership Cohort 3

Lightening the Load: The Power of Christ-Centered Relationships in Leadership

by Sahira Kodra In my blog post last year, Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown, I reflected on my journey of growth and change. One significant development has been stepping into the role of Program Coordinator for the Baylor Center for School Leadership (BCSL). Since then, my perspective has only been reinforced: having Christ-centered relationships makes the burdens lighter and the work more fulfilling. Last year, I admitted I couldn’t provide a simple […]

Three-wick candle that is lit

Learning as Discovery

By Aaron Bond All of life is relational. I start every class by lighting a candle and saying the following prayer, “Lord prepare our minds to seek knowledge, develop understanding and grow in wisdom so we can live and love well.” There are three wicks on the candle. The first flame represents our pursuit of knowledge; the second understanding;  and the third,  wisdom. The hard wax melting to soft liquid represents our life to love […]