Tov and Joy in the Classroom

By: Laura Barringer This is adapted from a speech Laura gave at the “Leading a Culture of JOY” event in Chicago. In October 2020, my father and I published what became a bestselling book called A Church Called Tov. It is not a story I could have ever planned to write. After all, I am a school teacher and have spent two decades of my career teaching primary-grade children. Writing a book at all and […]

Seeing What God Sees

By: Charis Bootsma I have terrible eyesight. I can hardly see anything without my glasses. In fact, if you took them away from me, any object more than four inches away from my face would become blurry. As an administrator at a Christian school, my physical weakness sometimes extends to my profession as well. Leading and working in schools requires good vision and sight. Schools discuss vision statements all of the time; we create Graduate […]