Wanted: Leaders who can walk on water

By: Ron Hoch I once heard a conference speaker say that after reading the job description for a school leadership position, he was shocked that it didn’t end with, “Must be able to walk on water.” So much went into the role and so much was expected of the person who filled it, that you would think no one other than Jesus could handle the job. I could see his point. I know first-hand that […]

Finding Freedom in Feedback

By: Rachel Harker “I want to provide 80% of my students with feedback at least once a week.” I reviewed my goal for that school year again and again. This is manageable, I thought. I knew how I would track who was receiving feedback and how often, and was certain this would mean so much to my students and ultimately make me a better teacher. Enter: reality. “Great job!” I’d write at the top of […]

Faith Formation: Head, Hands and Heart

By: Theodore Cockle What do you think of when I say, “faith formation”? If you’re like most, you think about moving from a place of less faith to a place of more faith. You may even picture a line trending upwards that connects these two points. The question then becomes, how do we help people—in our case students—move from point A (less faith) to point B (more faith)? Using education words, what interventions lead to […]

The Climb

By: Kevin Broene What is the goal of a coach? Is it to win? When the team you’re cheering for loses, how often have you heard those around you grumble, “The coach doesn’t know what he (or she) is doing”? (Perhaps you’d even admit to having those thoughts yourself.)  But should winning be a coach’s ultimate goal? Is that the barometer for success? A quick survey of sport culture might indicate it is–a coach with […]