Cohort 2 graduation photo

Nurturing Leaders, Building Bonds: The Baylor School Leadership Experience

By Sahira Kodra Reflecting on my journey in Cohort 2 of the Baylor School of Education’s Master of Arts in School Leadership (MASL) program, time has flown by faster than expected. It’s still somewhat unbelievable that I walked the stage just last month. As our team starts to welcome Cohort 4, I’m excited to share that Cohort 3 is preparing for their graduation this December. The palpable sense of excitement and achievement is evident as […]

Pakistan IDEA-SPORT group photo

Educational Leadership through a Global Lens

By Dr. Bill Sterrett, Dr. Erik Ellefsen, and Jill Anderson In 2023, the Baylor Center for School Leadership’s (BCSL) efforts expanded in unexpected ways through being invited into communities around the world. With a bit more cultural familiarity, the BCSL team had the opportunity to visit schools and speak in England, Canada, and Australia. Invited into new settings, the BCSL led Just Teaching leadership networks in South Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In March 2024, […]