The Worst Possible Idea: Seeing Our Challenges Anew

By: Anna H. Surratt In my last article, I posted that when faced with an adaptive challenge, we intuitively make assumptions about the root cause, reasons for a problem, and possible solutions – moving quickly from problem identification to solution generation. However, that swift movement often ignores the value systems, attitudes, competencies, beliefs, loyalties, identities, and coordinated efforts of the people and dynamics involved in shaping the problem. Thus, we must slow down to listen […]

Hopeful Leadership: Our Most Important Calling

By: Christopher Rutz In 1985 Marty McFly broke the time/space continuum and traveled back to 1955 and revealed a world so inconceivable to Doc Brown that he could scarcely believe such oddities like Ronald Reagan – the actor – was president of the United States. Of course, time travelers from this era of politics would say, “Ronald Reagan? Ha, that’s nothing, wait until 2016!” Now we are approaching 40 years after Back to the Future’s […]

The Great Escape

Kailee Schimmel Within the education world it is extremely easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted. On top of the personal feelings, we then face negativity and comparison. This last summer when I started my Masters in Educational Leadership at Baylor, there was one comparison that stuck out to me. We talked about the ‘crab bucket’ effect. It was described as when one tries to succeed or go against the norm, there will always be […]