Prospective Members

Prospective Members

The Taube Lab is proud to support researchers at all levels of education.

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Success in laboratory research can be achieved by anyone from any background. We are committed to eliminating the existing systemic barriers that stand in the way of success for minorities under-represented in science. If you have faced systemic or personal barriers, and are comfortable sharing, please do not hesitate to include them in your application.

Students interested in pursuing Ph.D. work are invited to apply to the Department of Biology Graduate School Program found here.  Strong GRE and GPA scores are required and a multi-semester undergraduate research experience is essential.

The lab is currently at capacity, new member applications will not be considered until December 2021.

Undergraduate students interested in research opportunities are encouraged to reach out to the Baylor Undergraduate Research in Science and Technology (BURST) student group or to the Baylor Minipharma research group.  Opportunities for undergraduate research are extremely limited and priority will be given to students interested in a research career and who demonstrate independent research skills.

Please explore our Eureka page to get in touch.

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