Come join the “Baylor Undergraduate MiniPharma” (MiniPharma = miniPharmaceutical company). Participating undergraduates will get a `taste’ of the pharmaceutical industry with respect to development of small molecule inhibitors as potential anticancer chemotherapeutics with a focus on early stage drug lead development.

MiniPharmers are engaged with either synthesis, biological screening, or in silico docking experiments. Students will be engaged primarily in one area of research but will interact with all students involved in this Project in a semi-autonomous environment. Thus, this Project will enable students to gain team-work and leadership skills in addition to expertise in synthetic organic chemistry, biological assays, computational studies including inhibitor docking with enzyme targets and possibly natural product isolation.

Team members will choose from one of the following areas: (1) synthesize inhibitors or derived cellular probes in the Romo lab (2) assay these derivatives in the Taube Lab (3) molecular modeling and in silico docking in the Shuford Lab. There are monthly MiniPharma Team Meetings where Group Leaders present their group’s results while the Synthesis, Assay, and Modeling Groups meet on a biweekly basis to discuss results. Three faculty supervisors supervise and oversee individual Groups while Professor Romo oversees the entire program. 

The Baylor MiniPharma (and previous TAMU MIniPharma) is supported by the National Science Foundation (CHE-1362949, Romo-PI).

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