Participating undergraduates will get a ‘taste’ of the pharmaceutical industry with respect to the development of small molecule inhibitors as potential chemotherapeutics with a focus on early-stage drug lead development for cancer treatment.

While not a prerequisite, preference will be given to MiniPharma applicants that have taken CHE 4237 (for those interested in the Organic Synthesis Group), excelled in either BIO 4301, 4306, 4307, 0r 4308 (for those interested in the Biological Studies  Group), and would be beneficial for prospective applicants to have taken CHE 4321 or CHE 4327 (for those interested in the Molecular Modeling & Docking Group).

Currently, we are seeking interested students for all research areas. To apply, send an email to Dr. Romo (, Dr. Hull (, and Aimee Moraitis ( that includes your resume, unofficial transcript, and completed application form found below).

Download Application-> MiniPharma Application