Selected Publications

Selected Publications

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Bold indicates authors in the Taube Lab.


Kalecky K, Modisette R, Pena S, Cho Y-R, Taube JH. Integrative analysis of breast cancer profiles in TCGA by TNBC subgrouping reveals novel microRNA-specific clusters, including miR-17-92a, distinguishing basal-like 1 and basal-like 2 TNBC subtypes. BMC Cancer, 20:141 (2020) [link]


Tao Y, Reisenauer K, Taube JH, Romo D. Total Synthesis and Anticancer Activity of (+)-Hypercalin C and CongenersAngewandte Chemie, accepted(2019). [link]

Lujan H, Griffin WTaube JH, Sayes CM. Synthesis and characterization of nanometer sized liposomes for encapsulation and the effects on breast cancer cells. International Journal of Nanomedicine 14 5159–5173 (2019) [link]


Eyong K, Bairy G, Eno A, Taube JH, Hull K, Folefoc G, Foyet H, Romo D. Triterpenoids from the stem bark of Vitellaria paradoxa (Sapotaceae) and derived esters exhibit cytotoxicity against a breast cancer cell line. Medicinal Chemistry Research, Volume 27, Issue 1, pp 268–277 (2018) [link]

Sidjui L, Eyong K, Hull K, Folefoc G, Leddet V, Herbette G, Ollivier E, Taube JH, Klausmeyer K, Romo D. Bioactive Lanostane-Type Triterpenoids from the Root of Leplaea Mayombensis (Meliaceae). Journal of Natural Products, Volume 80, Issue 10, 27 October 2017, Pages 2644-2651 (2017) PMID: 28945373. [link]


Hodges S, Nolan S, Taube J, Lugo J. Adult Fmr1 knockout mice present with deficiencies in hippocampal IL-6 and TNFα expressionNeuroreport. Dec 13;28(18):1246-1249 (2017) PMID: 28915148 [link]

Taube JH*#, Sphyris N*, Johnson K, Reisenauer K, Nesbit TA, Joseph R, Vijay GV, Sarkar TR, Bhangre NA, Song JJ, Chang JT, Lee MG, Soundararajan R, Mani SA#. *co-first authors #co-corresponding authors The H3K27me3-demethylase KDM6A is suppressed in breast cancer stem-like cells, and enables the resolution of bivalency during the mesenchymal-epithelial transitionOncotarget. (2017). Demonstrates a novel role for KDM6A in reversible EMT.  [link]


Werden SJ, Sphyris N, Sarkar TR, Paranjape AN, LaBaff AM, Taube JH, Hollier BG, Ramirez-Peña EQ, Soundararajan R, den Hollander P, Powell E, Echeverria GV, Miura N, Chang JT, Piwnica-Worms H, Rosen JM, and Mani SA. Phosphorylation of serine 367 of FOXC2 by p38 regulates ZEB1 and breast cancer metastasis, without impacting primary tumor growthOncogene 35, 5977–5988 (2016). [link]

Paranjape AN,  Soundararajan R,  Werden SJ,  Joseph R,  Taube JH,  Liu H,  Rodriguez-Canales J,  Sphyris N,  Wistuba I,  Miura N,  Dhillon J,  Mahajan N,  Mahajan K.,  Chang JT,  Ittmann M,  Maity SN,  Logothetis C,  Tang DG,  Mani SA. Inhibition of FOXC2 restores epithelial phenotype and drug sensitivity in prostate cancer cells with stem-cell propertiesOncogene. 35, 5963–5976 (2016). [link] 

Dhawan A*, Tonekaboni SAM*, Taube JH*, Hu S, Sphyris N, Mani SA & Kohandel M. *co-first authors Mathematical modelling of phenotypic plasticity and conversion to a stem-cell state under hypoxiaScientific Reports. (2016). PMID: 26838463 PMCID: PMC4738268 [link] 


Taube, JH Malouf GG, Lu E, Sphyris N, Vijay V, Ramachandran PR, Ueno K, Gaur S, Nicoloso M, Rossi S, Herschkowitz JI, Rosen JM, Issa J-PJ, Calin GA, Chang JT, Mani SA. Epigenetic silencing of microRNA-203 is required for EMT and cancer stem cell propertiesSci. Rep. 3, 2687 (2013). [link]  Demonstrated a novel link between microRNA-203 and cancer stem cell properties, prompting further work on this microRNA as mediator of differentiation therapy.

Malouf GG*, Taube JH*, Lu Y, Roysarkar T, Panjarian S, Estecio MR, Jelinek J, Yamazaki J, Raynal NJ, Long H, Tahara T, Tinnirello A, Ramachandran P, Zhang XY, Liang S, Mani SA, Issa JP. *co-first authors Architecture of epigenetic reprogramming following Twist1-mediated epithelial-mesenchymal transitionGenome Biol. 24;14 (12) (2013). [link] Demonstrated the genome-wide epigenetic alterations associated with EMT. 


Taube JH.*, Herschkowitz J.*, Komurov K.*, Zhou A., Yang J., Hartwell K., Onder T., Gupta P., Evans K., Hollier B., Ram P., Lander E., Rosen J., Weinberg R., and Mani S. *co-first authors A Core EMT Interactome Gene Expression Signature is Associated with Claudin-low and Metaplastic Breast Cancer SubtypesPNAS Nov 2; 107(44):19132. (2010). [link] Demonstrated a foundational link between EMT and triple-negative breast cancer subtypes. >500 citations. 

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