Dr. Richard Mowery

Dr.  Richard Mowery was a research scientist in the Solouki Group in 2013. Dr. Mowery has worked at Baylor University since the year 2000 in various groups in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. He earned is Bachelor’s degree in Organic Chemistry at the University of California at Los Angeles in 1963, his Master’s degree in Aerospace Operation Management from the University of Southern California in 1969, and his PhD in Analytical Chemistry at Arizona State University in 1974. He has held various positions in Applied Automations Inc. and Hercules Inc. as a Chromatographer.

1. Neumann, Elizabeth; Fontenot, Stephanie; Zekavat, Behrooz; Mowery, Richard; Solouki, Touradj. Mass Spectrometry and Enhanced Chemiluminescent Western Blot Analysis of Recombinant Streptolysin O. 69th Southwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Waco, Texas. Accepted for presentation on November 17, 2013.

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