Ian Anthony


Ian Anthony is a second year graduate student in the Solouki Group. Ian joined the Solouki group in 2015 and is pursuing his PhD in Chemistry (Analytical Chemistry division). He graduated with dual bachelors degrees in Philosophy and Chemistry from the University of Utah. After graduating from University of Utah, and prior to beginning graduate school, Ian worked as a laboratory and field technician at WesTech Engineering Inc.

Current Research:
“I am utilizing a unique, gas-phase photospectrometer and mass spectrometer system to better identify and distinguish chemical compounds with an eye on applications such as: human secretome, explosives, illegal substances, air pollution, and volatile/semi-volatile catalyst-output analyses. I’m also working to develop and improve mass spectrometry imaging via custom instrumentation and design. My prior research experience is in environmental remediation, complex mixture analysis, and metabolomics.”

1. Anthony, I. G. M.; Brantley, M. R.; Floyd, A. R.; Olaitan, A. D., Erdogan, D. A.; Özensoy, E.; Solouki T. “Unambiguous Identification of Reaction Products from Conversion of Nitric Oxide over Novel Photocatalyst Surfaces” Proceedings of the 64th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics 2016, San Antonio, TX.
2. Anthony, I. G. M. “Improving Chemical Identification” 3 Minute Thesis Competition Baylor University, 2016, Waco, TX. FIRST PLACE PRIZE!

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