Dr. Emrah Özensoy

Dr. Emrah Özensoy is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Bilkent university in Ankara, Turkey. Ongoing collaborations include investigation of photocatylitic conversion of nitric oxide and other noxious gasses. More information on Dr. Özensoy can be found at his group website here.

Joint Publications:
1. Lu, W., Olaitan, A., Brantley, M., Zekavat, B., Erdogan, D.A., Ozensoy, E., Solouki, T., “Photocatalytic Conversion of Nitric Oxide on Titanium Dioxide: Cryotrapping of Reaction Products for Online Monitoring by Mass Spectrometry”, J. Phys. Chem., 120 (15) 8056–8067 (2016). [Link]
2. Erdogan D.A., Solouki, T., Ozensoy, E.: A versatile bio-inspired material platform for catalytic applications: micron-sized “buckyballshaped” TiO2 structures, RSC Advances, 5 47174-47182 (2015). [Link]

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