Christina Gaw


Christina Gaw is a freshman pursuing a B.S. biochemistry major with a minor in biology. She will graduate in 2020, and her future plans include going to medical school and earning an M.D. She joined the Solouki Group in August 2016 after spending time in the lab during the summer through the Baylor University Summer Science Research Program.

Current Research
“Currently, I am working with Ian Anthony and Adam Floyd with coupling the vacuum ultraviolet photospectrometer (VUV) to other various instruments for more confident detection. Part of my recent work with the instrument includes analyzing and distinguishing between closely related volatile organic compounds through a gas chromatography-vacuum ultraviolet-mass spectrometry system. With the VUV as a novel and new method of detection, multiple directions can be followed in research. Future focuses with the instrument include breath analysis, impurity identification, and headspace detection.”

Oral Presentations:
1. Gaw, C.; Anthony, I.; Brantley, M.; Floyd, A.; Solouki, T. “Analysis of Closely Related Volatile Organic Compounds with a Gas Chromatography-Vacuum Ultraviolet-Mass Spectrometry System” Rice University Gulf Coast Undergraduate Research Symposium, Houston, TX, October 22, 2016
2. Gaw, C.; Anthony, I.; Solouki, T. “Analysis of Closely Related Volatile Organic Compounds with a Novel Tandem Gas Chromatography-Vacuum Ultraviolet-Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry System” Baylor University Summer Science Research Program, Waco, TX, August 10, 2016

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