I’ll Bless the Lord at All Times

Text/Music: Anonymous
Gospel Music
Language: English
Scripture References: 
Psalm 34:1-4
Liturgical Uses/Seasons: Praises/Adoration
Themes: Faith

This is a gospel song directly quoted from Psalm 34:1-4 of Old King James Version. It was a song of David, son of Jesse, the King of Israel. He sang this song before he ever became the king. Precisely when he was running away for his dear life to escape death from King Saul’s. David ran to Philistine King Achish in Gath and pretended to be insane in an attempt to disguise himself. His silent prayed and God saved him. David saw this as a miracle from God, who delivered him from being exposed as a real man that could have been reported to Saul, and perhaps that would have led to his untimely death. The background story can be found in some topical Bibles like KJV, NIV, and NLT Versions.

I first heard this song in a discipleship program of Peace House, Living Seed Camp held at Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria, in 2018 under the leadership of Bro. Gbile Akanni. Gbile Akanni is a native of Nigeria but a famous international Gospel minister whose ministry is based on Discipleship. Since I heard the song has been attractive and inspired to my soul, I sing it virtually every day. It is a disciples song always used at any discipleship program. I have included the song in my two courses (Christian Hymnody and Music in Worship and Evangelism) taught this semester at the NBTS Seminary. On several occasions, we have used it during devotion or at the end of the class. The song teaches Christian always to pray, seek God’s counsel, and trust God for divine help in everyday life. The music can be sung directly from the KJV Bible with a blend of Western and African musical instruments such as keyboard, drums, Akuba drum, saxophone/trumpet, and Guitars. Dance, claps, and hand waving always accompany the song.


I’ll bless the Lord at all times
His praise shall continually be in my mouth,
My soul shall make her boast in the Lord
The humble shall hear of it and be glad
O magnify the Lord with me
And let us exalt His name together
I sought the Lord, and He heard me;
And delivered me from all my fears.

Contributed by Ayobami Ayanyinka.