Survey Background

A survey was used to gather information about songs that are meaningful to Nigerian Christians.  Students at the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary designed this survey. With the guidance of their professor, Dr. Monique Ingalls, these students created questions that asked participants about the songs they sing in their churches and inquired about the reasons they enjoy using certain types of songs, instruments, and languages.  The results of this survey are displayed in this digital songbook.

The contributors sent this survey to people in their communities and churches in Nigeria.  The survey was open for 3 weeks in March 2021.  During the three weeks the survey was open, 428 people participated.  A majority of the respondents were Baptist and Yoruba; however, a variety of other denominations and ethnic groups were represented.  The demographics of the participants can be found in the charts below.  These charts include information such as gender, age, denomination, ethnic group, and languages spoken.