Survey Feedback



The survey included these two questions.


The participants provided a variety of answers that give insight into why the songs they mentioned were meaningful to them.  Below are their responses that related to songs from this songbook.



Afope f’Olorun
(“Now Thank We All Our God”)
– Appreciating God for what he has done in my life (Young Yoruba Baptist Male Choir Member)

Aka Jehovah – The dependability of God and the beauty of his saving Grace (Middle-aged Pentecostal Igbo Male Pastor)

All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name – I acknowledge the Splendor, Excellence and Supremacy of the name of Jesus and love to proclaim it by singing. (Middle-aged Baptist Male Choir Member)
– Because it helps me to express my heart to God in worship. (Young Urhobo Man)

All the Way My Saviour Leads Me – It inspires my soul and draws me to God. (Middle-aged Yoruba Baptist Man)
– The song affirms my unshakable faith in God (Middle-aged Yoruba Baptist Choir Member)

All to Jesus, I Surrender – Sorry I wrote more than two.
They all remind me that Our Lord Jesus died for my sin.
That I need to humble myself like Jesus did.
That with God we can do all things.
I have to love my neighbour as myself. Etc. (Elderly Igbo Anglican Woman)

Amazing Grace – The song is a pointer to God’s gracious acts. (A Middle-Aged Yoruba Pastor, Nigeria)
– Because it gravitates my heart towards God and eternity. (A Young Yoruba Pastor)
– It proclaims God’s unsearchable love. (A Baptist Deacon)
– The dependability of God and the beauty of his saving Grace (A Young Igbo man)
– Amazing Grace: is a song that touches my heart so much. It says about my sinful life how He saved a wretched person like me
I was lost he found me
I was blind now he makes me see. (An Adult Choir Member)

Because He Lives – Builds my confidence in Jesus (Middle-aged Igbo Baptist Choir Member)

Great is Thy Faithfulness – It shows the mightiness of God, and how wonderful He is (Young Yoruba Baptist Woman)
– It reminds me daily of how faithful God is to me and it blesses my soul to say thank you Lord especially because in thanking Him, more doors are opening. (Young Esan Baptist Man)
– The words minister life and assurance to me. (Young Yoruba Baptist Choir Member)
– It is meaningful to me because it is talking about God’s faithfulness and mercy which cannot be measured. (Young Yoruba Baptist Choir Member)
– The greatness of God and His creation. Morning by Morning God is always faithful. God has been our help in past years, and He will still be our help in the present and future. (Young Yoruba Baptist Man)
– It constantly reminds me that it is by the faithfulness of God that I am kept safe, and He alone can help me in any situation I find myself. (Young Yoruba Baptist Pastor)
– The song emphasizes the faithfulness and supremacy of God (Middle-aged Yoruba Baptist Pastor)
– The song lifts up my soul in worship (Elderly Yoruba Baptist Man)
– The song expresses the greatness and glory of God (Elderly Yoruba Baptist Choir Member)
– The song expresses the ever abounding faithfulness of God. It helps me to remember God’s faithfulness to me. (Middle-aged Yoruba Baptist Pastor)

I Love the Man of Calvary (also: I Love that Man of Galilee) – It reinforces my love and commitment to Jesus for the forgiveness of sins. (Young Yoruba Baptist Man)

In Christ Alone – Reminder of who we truly are in Christ. The song is a Christian’s pledge to me (Young Baptist Female Choir Member)
– It brings joy to me (Young Baptist Male Choir Member)
– Divine security in Christ alone (Middle-aged Ika Baptist Choir Member)
– It inspires my soul and draws me to God. (Middle-aged Yoruba Baptist Man)
– It reminds me of Gods steadfast and unending love for me (Young Yoruba Baptist Woman)
– Awesomeness of God and my hope of eternity (Young Yoruba Protestant Choir Member)

Olorun T’o Tobi – It is meaningful because it expresses my gratitude to God (Young Yoruba Baptist Pastor)
– It is a song of worship and praise to God, and it helps me express my love to God for who He is and for his great wonders. (Middle-aged Yoruba Baptist Female Pastor)
– It extols God. It is Theocentric. (Middle-aged Yoruba Baptist Man)
– Because of the supernatural ways that God attends to my need. (Middle-aged Yoruba Baptist Woman)
– It speaks about the personality of God (Middle-aged Yoruba Pentecostal Male Pastor)

Sunar Yesu – The song celebrates the power in the name of Jesus (Young Yoruba Baptist Man)

Trust and Obey – It shows the mightiness of God, and how wonderful He is (Young Yoruba Baptist Woman)
– When we walk with the Lord is telling about the assurance of what we will walk in the Lord, such as good will, assurance of protection, favour, no fear, no sorrow, no burden and so on. (Middle-aged Yoruba Baptist Male Pastor)

Way Maker – The song reminds me of God’s faithfulness (Young Yoruba Baptist Female Choir Member)
– God makes a way when things seems impossible (Young Igbo Baptist Male Choir Member)

Yahweh, Your Name is Yahweh – Focus of the songs is on God’s worship. (Middle-aged Yoruba Baptist Man)
– The song portrays God as the all Sovereign God. (Elderly Yoruba Baptist Pastor)