I Love the Man of Calvary

(Also: I Love that Man of Galilee)
Composer: Anonymous
Gospel Music
Scripture References: 
Matthew 27:33; Mark 15:22; Luke 23:33; 1 Peter 2:24
Liturgical Uses/Seasons: Easter, Lent
Themes: Salvation, Resurrection

This Nigerian gospel lyric airs is a familiar song that expresses the salvific history of Jesus Christ for humanity. It is an expression of love and heart of gratitude from the worshipers towards Christ deeds at Calvary. In Nigeria, the song is chiefly sung on Sunday worship, Lent, Easter periods, and other occasions such as before, during, or after a sermon. It is always accompanied by a Western instrument like an electronic keyboard, guitar, and soft play on a drumset. It is sung in a slow tempo and used for worship. The congregation uses different natural partings to harmonize the song. Gestures like clapping, waving of hands, and body movements are displayed while singing the song.


I love the Man of Calvary
For He has done so very much for me
He has forgiven me all my sins
And sent the Holy Ghost to me
I love the Man of Calvary

Contributed by Ayobami Ayanyinka.