He Has Promised He Will Never Fail

Text/Music: Anonymous
Genre: Praise & Worship
Scripture References:
Joshua 21:45
Liturgical Uses/Seasons:
Faith, Perseverance

This song reveals God’s attribute of faithfulness in being a promise keeper. It indicates that God is both a covenant/promise maker, and keeper. When He promises he keeps to it and makes sure he fulfills what he has promised to do. He is a God that can never fail. Several passages of scripture attest to this. For instance, the Bible says in verse 45 of Joshua chapter 21 that, “The Lord kept every one of the promises that he had made to the people of Israel” (Good News). In the same way, I believe that if He did not fail the Israelites he will not fail me. And this is the reason I like the song so much. It communicates God’s unfailing love and assistance to me whenever I am in need. And of course, I will always need Him. God has made many promises to me personally through his written Word (the Bible), in dreams, visions, and prophesies that other believers have shared with me. I have witnessed many of them come to pass in my life while I am trusting God for several others to come into fulfillment according to His Word. So, each time I sing this song or I join singing in worship, it reminds me first of some of God’s promises to me and second it assures me that at the appointed time he will fulfill the rest of the promises that seem pending. It also gives me hope and assurance and total dependence on God. The same way it ministers to me is the same feeling many Nigerian Christians have towards the song.

This praise song is performed during praise and worship time. It can be used before, during, and after sermon delivery. Especially sermons that go in line with trusting God, faith, endurance, faithfulness, and righteousness of God. It encourages believers to hold firm on God and his promises. It persuades them to turn to God at all times for help in times of need. Western and African musical instruments are combined while singing the song in worship. Rhythmic clap and body movement are explored too. Since the song was not properly documented on the score sheet the composer is not known therefore it remains anonymous. Anonymous is common to Nigerian praise and worship songs as a result of lack of conventional music writing, unlike Western music that is properly documented.


He has promised he will never fail
I will hang of Him, I will follow Him
He has promised He will never fail
His faithfulness is forevermore/2x

Contributed by Anyanyinka Ayobami.