Oluwa, E Tobi (Lord, You are Great)

Lyrics/Music: Kings Chidi (Sammie Okposo)
Genre: Hip-Hop
Language: Mixture of Yoruba dialect and English Language
Scripture ReferenceExodus 18:11; Deuteronomy 11:2b; 1 Chronicles 16:25; Psalms 95:3, 96:4, 99:2, 135:5, 145:3, 147:5  
Liturgical Uses/Season: Praises/Adoration
Themes: Greatness of God, Victory

The Song was composed by Kings Chidi, popularly known as Sammie Okposo, born on May 30, 1971, who grew up in Miami, Florida (U.S.) but hailed from the Delta state of Nigeria. The Song is an expression of the greatness of God and the excellence of His incomparable uniqueness. The author affirms the supremacy of God’s name, voice, and power over the power of darkness and appraises His Supernatural being and character.

The Song is a viral praise song in Nigeria Churches, especially during praise or thanksgiving service. It is mainly used for congregational praise expression. Regardless of Nigeria Church’s multi-ethnic and multi-generational nature, the Song is warmly embraced and sung with a profound expression of thanks. It is one of the praise songs that bridge the generational gap and transcends cultural barriers in Nigeria as it is highly embraced by both young and old, Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa.

Lyrics (with translation)

Come on, come on eh,
Everybody clap your hands eh eh clap your hands come on now
Everybody say clap your hands everybody
Clap your hands everybody eh, eh,eh, eh come on

Great are you Lord
The Universe declares your majesty
Who can compare we searched all over
Ko seni to dabi re (There no one like you)
Demons tremble at the mention of your name
Mountains crumble at the sound of your voice
Our battles are won by the power of your mighty hand
We are strong ’cause we have a very big God

Oluwa etobi, etobi o, etobi
Oluwa etobi, etobi o, etobi
Koseni ta le fi sakawe re o, etobi
Koseni ta le fi sakawe re o, etobi

Lord you are great, you are great
Lord you are great, you are great
There is none compared you with, you are great
There is none compared you with, you are great

Come on, let the horns blow ha ha
Come on, iyelele, iyelele
Oluwa etobi ohehe tere sera, sera baba

You are Alagbada ina
Alagbada ina that’s who you are
Oba iyanu that’s who your name
Eledumare, yes Lord
Aterere kari Aye come on now
Olori aye, Olori aye
Mo juba re o, mo juba re o

You are cloth in garment of fire
One cloth with garment of fire, that’s who you are
Wonderful King that’s your name
God, yes Lord
One whose fame spread across the world, come on now
Master of the Universe, Master of the Universe
I worship You, I worship You


Contributed by Ojo, Rachael Funke.