Stone Symposium

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The Sixth Annual FGA Stone Symposium

(2016 Stone Flyer3)

Processing of Biological Polymers

Honors Fred Guengerich (Vanderbilt University) for his extreme insights into DNA polymerase enzymatic and structural mechanisms at DNA damage sites.

Stone Symposium

The Stone symposium will take place on May 16-17th, 2016 at Baylor University in Waco, TX. The featured speakers are:

Keynote Speakers
Dr. Fred Guengerich (Vanderbilt University)

Guest Speakers
Dr. David Bates (Baylor College of Medicine)
Dr. Elyssia Gallagher (Baylor)
Dr. Ilya Finkelstein (UT Austin)
Dr. Ken Johnson (UT Austin)
Dr. Craig Kaplan (TAMU)
Dr. Seongmin Lee (UT Austin)
Dr. Jung-Hyun Min (U. Illinois Chicago)
Dr. Dorothy Shippen (TAMU)
Dr. Larry Sowers (UTMB)
Dr. Michael Trakselis (Baylor)
Dr. Mary Lynn Trawick (Baylor)
Dr. Karen Vasquez (UT Austin)
Dr. Rick Wood (MD Anderson)
Dr. Lynn Zechiedrich (Baylor College of Medicine


Contact Michael Trakselis ( for further details and to register.