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From Trakselis Lab:

63) Behrmann, M.S., Perera, H.M., Welikala, M.U., Matthews, J.E, and Trakselis, M.A.* (2023) Dysregulated DnaB unwinding induces replisome decoupling and daughter strand gaps that are countered by RecA polymerization, under review.

62) Edwards, A.N.,  Blue, A.J.,  Conforti, J.M., Cordes, M.S., Trakselis, M.A., Gallagher, E.S.* (2023) Gas-phase stability and thermodynamics of ligand-bound, binary complexes of chloramphenicol acetyltransferase reveal negative cooperativity, Analy. Bioanaly. Chem., in press.61) McKinzey, D., Li, C., Gao, Y., and and Trakselis, M.A.* (2023) Activity, Substrate Preference, and Structure of the HsMCM8/9 Helicase, NAR, Jun 13:gkad508. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkad508. PMID: 37309874.60) Griffin, W.C., McKinzey, D., Klinzing, K.A., Baratam, R., and Eliyapura, A., and Trakselis, M.A.* (2022) A  multi-functional role for the MCM8/9 helicase complex in maintaining fork integrity during replication stress,  Nat. Commun. 13, 5090.

Previous preprint bioRxiv

61)  Trakselis, M.A. (ed) (2022) Helicase Enzymes Part B Methods in Enzymology. Vol 673

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Figure thumbnail gr9

52) Cranford, M.T., Kaszubowski, J.D., and Trakselis, M.A. (2020) A hand-off of DNA between archaeal polymerases allows high-fidelity replication to resume at a discrete intermediate three bases past 8-oxoguanine. NAR, 48(19) 10986-97. link

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39) Carney, S.M. and Trakselis, M.A. (2016) The Excluded DNA Strand is SEW Important for Hexameric Helicase Unwinding, Methods, 108, 79-91. doi:10.1016/j.ymeth.2016.04.008 in press. linkSE vs SEW Model graphical abstract38) Graham, B.W., Tao, Y., Dodge, K.L., Zhang, Q., Thaxton, C.T., Olaso, D., Young, N.L., Marshal, A.G., and Trakselis, M.A. (2016) DNA Interactions probed by H/D exchange FT-ICR mass spectrometry confirm external surface binding sites on the MCM helicase. J. Biol. Chem., 291, 12467-80. link
Figure 5 MCM vs MCM 3'5'tails struct only 040616sm37) Trakselis, M.A., (2016) Structural mechanisms of hexameric helicase loading, assembly, and unwinding. F1000Research, 5(F1000 Faculty Rev):111 (doi: 10.12688/f1000research.7509.1). link

Figure 1 Hex Helicase Structure 500px36) Barnes, C.O.,Calero, M.,Malik, I.,Graham, B.W., Spahr, H.,Lin, G.,Cohen, A.E., Brown, I.S.,Zhang, Q., Pullara, F., Trakselis, M.A., Kaplan, C.D., Calero, G. (2015) Crystal structure of a transcribing RNA polymerase II complex reveals a complete transcription bubble. Mol. Cell, 59 (2), 258-69.  linkBarnes Graham Mol Cell 201535) AlAsiri, S., Basit, S., Wood-Trageser, M.A., Yatsenko, S.A., Jeffries, E.P., Surti, U., Ketterer, D.M., Afzal, S., Ramzan, R., Faiyaz-Ul Haque, M., Jiang, H, Trakselis, M.A., Rajkovic, A. (2015) Exome sequencing reveals MCM8 mutation underlies ovarian failure and chromosomal instability. J. Clin. Invest., 125 (1), 754-62.  link2015 MCM8 JCI34) Wood-Trageser, M.A., Gurbuz, F., Yatsenko, S.A., Jeffries, E.P., Kotan, L.D., Surti, U., Ketterer, D.M., Matic, J., Chipkin, J., Jiang, H, Trakselis, M.A., Topaloglu, A.K., Rajkovic, A. (2014) Exome sequencing identifies MCM9 mutations in ovarian failure, short stature and chromosomal instability. Am. J. Hum. Genetics, 95 (6), 754-762. link 2014 MCM9 AJHG33) Nucleic Acid Polymerases, Murakami, K. and Trakselis, M.A. (Eds.), Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology Vol. 30, Berlin, Germany, Springer. 2014. link

978-3-642-39795-032) Trakselis, M.A. and Murakami, K. Introduction to Nucleic Acid Polymerases: Families, Themes, and Mechanisms, (Chapter 1), Nucleic Acid Polymerases, Murakami, K. and Trakselis, M.A. (Eds.), Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology Vol. 30, Berlin, Germany, Springer. 2014. link


31) Trakselis, M.A. and Bauer, R.J. Archaeal DNA Polymerases: Enzymatic Abilities, Coordination, and Unique Properties, (Chapter 6), Nucleic Acid Polymerases, Murakami, K. and Trakselis, M.A. (Eds.), Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology Vol. 30, Berlin, Germany, Springer. 2014. link

Archaeal DNA pol domains4

30) Bauer, R.J., Wolff, I.D., Zuo, X., Lin, H-K., Trakselis, M.A. (2013) Assembly and Distributive Action of an Archaeal DNA Polymerase Holoenzyme. Special Issue of J. Mol. Biol. entitled “DNA replication & Genomic instability – Replicon Theory”, 425 (230), 4820-36. link

Bauer 2013 JMB

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Basic RGB

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biohybrid clampCommentary by: Prins, L.J. & Scrimin, S. Processive Catalysis: Tread and Cut, News and Views, Nature Chem., 5, 899-900.

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MCM DnaG Primisome CartoonD

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2012 Nature N&V

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TOC Rate Fidelity Dpo134D21) Zuo, Z., Lin, H-K, and Trakselis, M.A. (2011) Strand annealing and terminal transferase activities of a B-family DNA Polymerase, Biochemistry, 50, 5379-5370. link

Zuo et al TOC GraphicB20) Graham, B.W., Schauer, G.D., Leuba, S.H. and Trakselis, M.A. (2011) Steric Exclusion and Wrapping of the Excluded DNA Strand Occurs Along Discrete External Binding Paths During MCM Helicase Unwinding, NAR, 39, 6585. link

MCM Spool FRET419) Zuo, Z., Rodgers, C., Mikheikin, A.L., and Trakselis, M.A. (2010) Characterization of a functional DnaG-type primase in Archaea: Implications for a dual primase system, J. Mol. Biol., 397, 664-676. link

Figure 2 Enz Conditions18) Mikheikin A.L., Lin, H-K, Mehta, P., Jen-Jacobson, L., and Trakselis, M.A. (2009) The DNA replication polymerase from Sulfolobus solfataricus forms a multimer when bound to DNA, NAR, 37, 7194-205. link

2009 Dpo1 trimer Mikheikin17) Rothenberg, E., Trakselis, M.A., Bell, S.D., and Ha, T. (2007) MCM Forked substrate specificity involves dynamic interaction with the 5′-tail. JBC, 282, 34229-34. link

2007 MCM smFRET Rothenberg

From Gradute and Postdoc Work:

16) McGeoch, A.T., Trakselis, M.A., Laskey, R.A., and Bell, S.D. (2005) Organization of the Archaeal MCM Complex on DNA and Implications for a Helicase Mechanism. Nat Struc. Mol. Biol., 12, 756-762. (Cover) link

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