2/2021: Well today is Wezley Griffin’s last day as a postdoc in the lab. We wish him all the best on a new position at St. Judes.

1/2021: MCM9 paper is online at JBC. Congrats to David, Wezley, and Kathleen!

12/2020: Welcome to Lauren Butterworth. First year graduate student joining the TRAKLAB.

10/2020: Matt and Joe’s paper is published in NAR. Congrats!

9/2020: Matt’s last day in the lab. Good luck! AND Thanks for the past 5+ years!

8/2020: Overdue lab party in the park to celebrate all the student accomplishments.

8/2020: Big hearty congratulations to Dr. Matthew Cranford for passing his PhD defense. Matt is my 7th grad student, and on to the Cortez lab at Vanderbilt for a Postdoc.

7/2020: Congrats to 3rd year students, Joe and David for passing their candidacy exam!

7/2020: Congrats to 2rd year student, Anthony for passing his 2nd year exam!

6/2020: Himasha’s bio-protocols paper has now been published. Mapping binding orientation of proteins on DNA using site-directed footprinting techniques

6/2020: Matt’s preprint characterizing the second hand off for translesion synthesis has be posted online. bioRxiv

4/2020: Happy and grateful to announce that Promotion to Full Professor has been approved.

11/19/2019: Kathlene Klinzing won a $500 award from the Honors college to continue her undergraduate research project!

10/31/2019: Happy Halloween from the Traklab.


10/29/2019: Himasha’s first author paper is now online at Elife. Congrats!

10/11/2019: Superstar undergrad, Kathlene Klinzing won first prize in the poster competition at the ASBMB North TX Regional meeting.

10/09/2019: Amazing visit with Patrick Sung (UTHS).

10/01/2019: Welcome to three new rotations students, Hannah Brandon, Malisaha Welikala, and Connor Song

09/15/2019: So grateful to have new finding from the NIH for our MCM8/9 project! 1R15GM135791-01

08/26/2019: Happy to be a part of the ACS TOXI session going forward as Vice Chair in 2020 along with Penny Beuning

07/26/2019: Michael was voted the 2023 CoChair of the FASEB Helicases and Translocases Meeting. Along with Beth Tran and Katrin Paeschke

03/25/2018: Michael B talking at an URSA platform presentation. He also had the best designed poster (IMO).

03/23/2018: “Synthetic  polymers as substrates for a DNA-sliding clamp protein” accepted in Biopolymers. link

03/21/2018: Science Outreach, Cub Scout Science at Baylor

02/11/2018:  Amazing Fusion Replication/Repair Meeting in Cancun! Look there I am!

1/3/2018: Welcome to 2 new graduate students who joined the Traklab. David M and Joe K. Looking forward great things ahead.

11/3/2017: Congrats for former Traklab member Sean and Shiva for publishing an interesting story on the DnaB Helicase in JBC. link

10/30/2017:  Michael gives a talk on DNA helicases at ACS-SWRM.

9/22/2017:  Trakselis colloquium talk in own department at Baylor. Always nice to talk with friendly colleagues.

9/20/2017:  New Traklab group Photo.

9/3/2017:  Big welcome to two new undergraduate researchers Maria Potes and Joy Hoang!!

9/1/2017:  We warmly welcome Wezley Griffin from UAMS starting as a postdoc in the lab. Many thanks to the Raney lab for training him up!

8/30/2017:  Our review on Polymerase Subsitutions is accepted in ACS Chemical Toxicology. link

8/11/2017:  Michael B presenting his B-TRUE work over the summer to the Research Dean

6/23/2017:  Matt and Aurea’s Supraholoenzyme paper is out in NAR. This is some nice work. link

6/1/2017:  We welcome Michael Bougoulias as our inaugural B-TRUE undergraduate researcher for the summer.

6/1/2017:  Michael has become the Graduate Affairs Director for the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at Baylor.

6/1/2017:  Review on CMG and DNA crosslink bypass out now. Nice tossing ideas around with Bob Brosh and Michael Siedman

5/2/2017:  End of the Semester Lab Picture. Not a bad looking group.

4/27/2017:  Tonight is the night. “DNA Acrobatics in the cell” at 7pm. 6:30 pm for cookies and chat.

4/23/2017:  Michael is speaking at ASBMB in Chicago on the role of the excluded strand in Helicase activity.

4/22/2017:  Science March in Chicago with some of my closest friend/scientists.

4/23/2017:  At the Keystone DNA replication and Recombination meeting in Santa Fe, NM with Matt and I both presenting our work.

2/9/2017:  DNA Outreach to the local Cub Scout Troop 308.

1/27/2017:  Prof T. gives a talk at BCM Department of Human Genetics.

1/10/2017:  Happy New Year and welcome to Sam Spradlin, our newest undergraduate researcher.

12/16/2016:  Trakselis Christmas Party.

12/15/2016:  Welcome to the newest Graduate Students in the Trakselis lab, Himasha Perera and Megan Behrmann!

12/5/2016:  Happy to present our Helicase work at the Zing NA Conference in Tampa!

10/10/2016:  Our DNA-MCM HD exchange work (Graham et al. 2016 JBC) was featured in an article in The Scientist Magazine!

9/1/2016:  Welcome new undergraduates to the lab. Pavithra, Priyanka, Saie, and Megan!

8/1/2016:  Time to get to work! Thanks NSF!!!!

Image result for nsf MCB logo

7/26/2016:  Lab Bowling night. Scoreboard y’all !!!


7/14/2016: Congrats to Dr. Sean Carney, PhD who successfully defended his thesis. On to Harvard.


7/5/2016: Welcome to Harrison Howe who joined our lab as an incoming summer science student! Riches are ahead!

6/5/2016: Welcome to Carolyn Palmer who joins us for the Summer from UMass Amherst in out NSF Sponsored REU Program.

5/16/2016: The 6th Annual Stone Symposium is happening at Baylor. We welcome Prof Guengerich and all other speakers. This years theme is “Processing of Biological Polymers”


5/13/2016: Congratulations to Katie, Danae, and Carly for graduating from Baylor!! Best of luck for the future.

5/11/2016: Our Twinkle Helicase paper in collaboration with the Brosh Lab has been accepted at JBC!


5/5/2016: The Trakselis lab as well as other Cancer researchers at Baylor are in the news again.
Baylor Arts & Sciences magazine, Spring 2016: Combatting Cancer


4/25/2016: Our review paper in Methods is now online. “The Excluded DNA Strand is SEW Important for Hexameric Helicase Unwinding” link

Helicase SEW Models2

4/16/2016: Danae competed in the Undergraduate Research Symposium and won 3rd Place. Congratulations Danae!!

4/6/2016: Katie, Carly, and Danae are presenting their undergraduate research at a poster session at Baylor URSA. They Won First Prize in the Chemistry/Biochemistry Division. Congrats!!
4/4/2016: Our paper on mapping the external DNA binding sites on MCM by HDX-MS is accepted in JBC!!Figure 5 MCM vs MCM 3'5'tails struct only 040616sm2/6/2016: The review on hexameric helicases is published in F1000 Research.Figure 1 Hex Helicase Structure 500px2/5/2016: Trakselis lab is in the News again in the Baylor Magazine.

2/2/2016: The Trakselis Lab is in the News! See the article in the Lariat.

Baylor’s research team of faculty and students study enzyme’s role in genetic replication and repair

12/11/2015: The Trakselis Lab led a DNA day for local 3rd and 4th grade students at Woodway Elementary. “How do you spell DNA”

11/4-7/2015: Prof. Trakselis is giving at talk at the SERMACS-SWRM regional ACS meeting in Memphis.

11/4-7/2015: Matt Cranford is presenting his work on DNA polymerases at the SERMACS-SWRM regional ACS meeting in Memphis.

IMG_23358/16/2015: Prof. Trakselis gives a talk at the National ACS meeting in Boston in a symposium honoring Prof. Penny Buening (Northeastern) for a Young Toxicology Award. Congratulations Penny!

7/26-31/2015: Prof. Trakselis is presenting at the FASEB Helicases Meeting in Steamboat Springs, CO.

2015 FASEB Hel 1 2015 FASEB Hel 2 2015 FASEB Hel 3 2015 FASEB Hel 5

7/19-24/2015: Prof. Trakselis is attending the FASEB Genetic Recombination Meeting in Steamboat Spring, CO.

2015 FASEB GR 1 2015 FASEB GR 3 2015 FASEB GR 22015 FASEB GR 1

7/7/2015: Welcome to incoming Baylor student, Benji Son, participating in our Summer Science Program.

6/26/2015: The Trakselis lab finished third in the Chemistry Department Volleyball Tournament.

6/1/2015: Big welcome to Preston Jones (Georgia Reagents University) for joining the Trakselis Laboratory for a NSF sponsored summer REU program.

5/4/2015: Congratulations to Elizabeth Jeffries, PhD for successfully passing her PhD Defense!

Beth PhD

4/2015: Prof. Trakselis gave Colloquium talk at Baylor Institute for Immunology Research.

3/2015: A big welcome to Shiva Gomathinayagam, PhD for joining the Trakselis Lab as a postdoc. Shiva comes from St. Louis Medical School and Prof Alessandro Vindigni’s laboratory. Shiva also just got married. Congrats!

3/2015: A big welcome to Aurea Chu, PhD for joining the Trakselis Lab as a postdoc. Aurea got her PhD with Shelia David at UC Davis and then did a short postdoc at U. Wash before coming to Baylor.

3/2015: Prof. Trakselis gave Colloquium talk at UIC department of Chemistry.

2/25/2015: It does snow in Waco!

Baylor winter 2015

12/2014: Prof. Trakselis is doing “DNA Day” at Woodway Elementary for their Science Stars. Thanks to NEB for their support and materials!

12/2014: A big welcome to Matthew Cranford for joining the Trakselis Lab as the first graduate student at Baylor!!

12/2014: Prof. Trakselis is giving a talk at the Zing Nucleic Acids Conference in Cancun.

Nucleic-Acids-photo crop2

11/2014: Renovation on the Trakselis Lab is beginning.

reno1 Reno2 Reno3

11/2014: Prof. Trakselis is giving a Colloquium Talk at Northeastern Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.

10/2014: Prof. Trakselis at Science Day at Woodway Elementary. Looking at Bacteria for the “Science Battle”

IMG_2720 crop IMG_2678 crop Woodway Science Day 2014A

09/2014: Photos of the Trakselis Laboratory in the Baylor Sciences Building


08/2014: The Trakselis Laboratory has moved to Baylor University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in sunny Waco, TX.