2021, Vol. 13, Eudora Welty Review

ix        Users’ Guide: A Word from the Editor—Pearl A. McHaney


1          William F. Winter, February 21, 1923–December 18, 2020

5          Roger Mudd, February 9, 1928–March 9, 2021

Correspondence Calendar

7          Correspondence Calendar, 1931–1977: Letters between Eudora Welty and Frank Lyell

Julia Eichelberger

Eudora Welty & Friends

167      Mary Moore Mitchell, Eudora Welty, and Me

Norma Flora Cox

191      Charlotte Capers: Clio of Our Time

Jesse L. Yancy

Seminar Roundtable

213      Seminar Roundtable: Eudora Welty and Mrs. Brown

Sarah Gilbreath Ford

217     Getting Hold of a Face: The Tactile and the Visual in Eudora Welty’s “Clytie”

Andrew Hicks

229      Vision and Violence: Ran’s Monologue in “The Whole World Knows”

Allison Scheidegger

243      “Stand still”: Delta Wedding and the Perils of Perception

Ryan Sinni

257      “to touch the dark cheek”: Facing the Postbellum South in “Clytie”

Hannah Wells

Practical Matters

275      Eudora Welty Foundation

Jeanne B. Luckett

281      Eudora Welty House and Garden

Lauren Rhoades

283      Eudora Welty Society

Annette Trefzer

285      Eudora Welty Collection, Mississippi Department of Archives and History

Forrest Galey

295      2020 Welty Fellowship Research Report “Shelter for Secrets”: Eudora Welty and the Craft of Identity in One Writer’s Beginnings

Margaret Pless Zee


307      Recollections of Eudora Welty: Monteleone Hotel, New Orleans to Pinehurst Street, Jackson

Hunter McKelva Cole

309      Charles Dickens’s Sairey Gamp in Eudora Welty’s “Petrified Man”

Allison Scheidegger


315      Checklist of Welty Scholarship 2020

Catherine H. Chengges