1        Users’ Guide: A Word from the Editor

            Pearl A. McHaney     


 5       Frank Lyell: Eudora Welty’s Bachelor of Arts

          Hunter McKelva Cole

25        “An Is Different from My Is”: The Lost Mother and the Subjectivity of the Motherless

            in Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying and Welty’s Delta Wedding

            Judy Butterfield, Winner of the 2022 Ruth Vande Kieft Prize

43        Welty’s Digital Future: Some New Directions

            Michael Pickard 

69        Introductory Remarks for the Inaugural Eudora Welty Lecture

            Natasha Trethewey


73        Eudora Welty, William Faulkner, and Me: An Interview with John Maxwell

            Pearl A. McHaney 

87        Adapting Eudora Welty’s “Moon Lake”: An Interview with Brenda Currin

             Laura Wilson


101        Eudora Welty at Camp Nakanawa

            Elizabeth Bracken 

107        The Eudora Welty Americana Awards

            Pearl A. McHaney

111        Reading “A Still Moment” in Everyman’s Stories of Trees, Woods, and the Forest

            Andrew Hicks

117        New Introductions to Welty’s Works: A Contemporary Reframing

            Sarah Gilbreath Ford

123        Welty at Home, or How I Learned to Love the Zoom Room—A Note on the Eudora

           Welty House & Garden’s “Welty at Home: Virtual Book Club” (2020-2022)

            Jacob Agner


129       Review of Haunted Property Slavery and the Gothic by Sarah Gilbreath Ford

            Jill Goad

135        Review of Exposing Mississippi by Annette Trefzer

            Keri Watson


141        Eudora Welty Foundation

            Jeanne B. Luckett

147        Eudora Welty House & Garden

            Lauren Rhoades

151        Eudora Welty Society

            Annette Trefzer

155        Eudora Welty Collection, Mississippi Department of Archives and History

            Forrest Galey


167        Checklist of Welty Scholarship 2021

            Catherine H. Chengges