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Summer 2008, Vol XXXII, No. 2
• Finding (M)other’s Face: A Psychoanalytic Approach to Eudora Welty’s “Clytie”—Don James McLaughlin
• Conversations with Charlotte Capers and Eudora Welty, August 1994—Mae Miller Claxton
• Foreword, The Capers Papers by Charlotte Capers (1982)—Eudora Welty
• Wild Children: Absurdists in Residence—Lois M. Welch
• Children, Childhood, and Traditional Wisdom in Delta Wedding—Malinda Snow
• Welty from A to Z: K to P—Geraldine Chouard
• Defamiliarization and Fragmentation of the Self in Eudora Welty’s Losing Battles: When the Baby Becomes Instrument of Cognition—Emmiline Gros
• Checklist of Welty Scholarship 2007-2008—Catherine H. Chengges
• News and Notes

Winter 2008, Vol XXXII, No. 1
• Character, Theme, and Thematic Structure in Hawthorne’s “The Birthmark” and Welty’s Fiction—Ruth D. Weston
• Frames of Reference: Remarks on Eudora Welty and Sir Arthur Eddington—Saye Atkinson
• Defamiliarization in Eudora Welty’s “June Recital”: Adolescent Perception—Amber Brooks
• Interview with Deborah Wiles: Eudora, You Dog, You—Debora Kauffman Miller
• Roses in Welty’s Garden: Cecile Brunner—Bobby Burns
• Welty from A to Z: F to J—Geraldine Chouard
• News and Notes

Summer 2007, Vol. XXXI, No. 2
• Author and Artist: Welty and Edward McKnight Kauffer—Sabrina Abid and Pearl Amelia McHaney
• The “Inner Necessity” of Fiction and Dreams: The Southern Review‘s Eudora Welty Prize in Fiction and Its Inaugural Winner, Keith Lee Morris—Amber Brooks and Jacob Sullins
• Eudora Welty from A to Z: A to E—Geraldine Chouard
• Index to Author and Agent: Eudora Welty and Diarmuid Russell—James H. Shimkus
• Checklist of Welty Scholarship 2006-2007—Catherine H. Chengges
• News and Notes
• New Stage Theater Selling Signed Editions of Bye-Bye Brevoort
• Welty at 100: An Academic Conference

Winter 2007, Vol XXXI, No. 1
• Author and Artist: Welty and Charles Alston—James H. Shimkus
• Eudora Welty at Wisconsin: Ricardo Quintana’s Contributions to the Writer’s Formation—Malinda Snow
• “The Word is Passion”: Eudora Welty’s Schoolteachers—Mae Miller Claxton
• Wild but Not Savage: Eudora Welty and Humor in Native American Writers, Principally Louise Erdrich with Some Mention of Thomas King—Lois M. Welch
• Eudora Welty Seen and Heard: An Annotated Checklist of Audio and Visual Recordings—James H. Shimkus
The Georgia Review Prints Welty Letters
• News and Notes
• Welty and the Imaginative Act—Pearl A. McHaney
• 2009: Eudora Welty Centenary
• Startling Artist—Joe Peragine

Summer 2006, Vol XXX, No. 2
• Strange Felicity: Welty’s Women Laughing, Disguising, Revising, Seizing Speech—Lois Welch
• The Habit of Sir Rabbit: Harris, Hurston, and Welty—James Shimkus
• “Why I Live in the Top Half of the Giant Santa Claus Christmas Display”—Matt Clark
• One With the World: Arthurian Myth Cycles in “Ladies in Spring”—Leverett Butts
• The Beginnings of One Writer: Eudora Welty’s Sophomore Poems in The Spectator, 1926-1927—Sheldon Kohn
• Eudora Welty—Mississippi from a Female Perspective—Gregory Dowling
• Welty House Now Open for Tours: Comments from Roger Mudd, A. B. Albritton, and Nancy Albritton
• Being Eudora—Marda Burton
• Jonathan Yardley Reviews The Robber Bridegroom
• Checklist of Welty Scholarship 2005-2006—Catherine H. Chengges
• News and Notes
• Anne Tyler Praises Welty
• Welty Foundation: Friends of Welty
• Eudora Welty Society: 2006 Phoenix Award
• Nona Balakian Citation for Excellence in Reviewing Welty Project in Atlanta

Winter 2006, Vol XXX, No. 1
• Pieces of News—Alison Beard
Jackson Daily News Page 1 Articles from 1930—Eudora Welty
• Welty House a Celebration of Writing and Reading—Amy Steadman
• Capturing Welty’s Comic Energy: An Interview with Patti Carr Black—Pearl A. McHaney
• Works by Welty: A Continuing Checklist—Pearl A. McHaney
• Welty Shows Her Humorous Side in 1977 Interview—Jim Shimkus
• The Body in All Its States: Preface to Eudora Welty and the Poetics of the Body—Geraldine Chouard
• Michel Gresset (1936-2005)—Daniele Pitavy-Souques
• Making a Place for the Artist’s Voice in The Robber Bridegroom—Julia Eichelberger
• Enzo Rocchigiani (1930-2005) and Enrica Nicoli (1933-2005): A Memory—Maria Sciacco
• Roses in Welty’s Garden: Pink Monthly—Robert Burns
• News and Notes
• Caricature—Eudora Welty

Summer 2005, Vol. XXIX, No. 2
Eudora Welty, A Biography— Excerpt from chapter 4, “‘Love First and then Separateness’: 1945–1951”—Suzanne Marrs
• Interview with Suzanne Marrs, Author of Eudora Welty: A Biography—Pearl Amelia McHaney, Georgia State University
• Eudora on Stephen Tennant: A Personal Conversation—Hunter Cole, Jackson, Mississippi
• Memory and the Archives—Sheldon S. Kohn, Georgia State University
• Graduates Take the Worn Path: Welty’s Commencement Stories—Dana Nichols, Gainesville College
• On the Map: Finding Place and Identity in Delta Wedding—Malinda Snow, Georgia State University
• Works by Welty: A Continuing Checklist—Pearl Amelia McHaney, Georgia State University
• Checklist of Welty Scholarship 2004-2005—Catherine H. Chengges, University of Toledo
The Yale Review and Eudora Welty—Pearl Amelia McHaney, Georgia State University
• News and Notes—Cindy Michaels
• Roses in Welty’s Garden: “Duchesse de Brabant”—Robert Burns, Georgia State University

Winter 2005, Vol XXIX, No. 1
• Eudora Welty in Czech Cultural Context—Hana Ulmanova
• Welty’s Words for the Birds… and for Children and Scholars, Too—Cindy Sheffield Michaels
• The Mediating Voice of Humor: The Shoe Bird and Welty’s Adult Texts—Heather M. Hoyt
• King MacLain Awakens as Finn MacCool—Jim Shimkus
• “She offered Virgie her Beethoven”: Beethoven as metaphor in Welty’s “June Recital”—Nancy Kojima
• Mittie Elizabeth Creekmore Welty (1917-2004)
• Welty Foundation NEH Challenge Grant
• Eudora Welty Foundation’s National Advisory Board Meets
• Curator of Collections Hired for Welty House
• Hemingway on Welty—Tom McHaney
• More John Bayne Donations to GSU Special Collections
• Welty Home Included in American Writers at Home—Cindy Sheffield Michaels
• Nona Balakian Citation for Excellence in Reviewing
• Welty at Smith College, 1976
• More on Elizabeth Henshaw
• Sixteenth Annual Eudora Welty Writer’s Symposium and Eudora Welty Prize
• Call for Papers and Conference Announcements
• Oxford Conference for the Book: April 7-9, 2005
• Roses in Welty’s Garden: Dainty Bess—Robert Burns

Summer 2004, Vol. XXVIII, No. 2
• Magic (Eudora Welty)
• Eudora Welty’s “Magic”: A History of the Story (Pearl A. McHaney)
• Eudora Welty, 1909-2001 (Reynolds Price)
• Welty in San Francisco
• *Land’s End: She Felt, He Felt (Brenda Currin)
• *The Welty Walk (John Bayne, Carey Wall, Ruth Weston)
• Segovia in San Francisco (David Kaplan)
• Textural Variants in “Shower of Gold” (John Soward Bayne)
• Golden Threads: Eudora Welty, Smith College, and Elizabeth Henshaw’s Painting (Cindy Sheffield Michaels)
• Works by Welty: A Continuing Checklist (Pearl A. McHaney)
• Welty’s “Home by dark/ Yalobusha County/ 1936” in the Jacket Designs of Two Novels about Slavery (Thomas L. McHaney)
• Welty Scholarship 2003-2004: A Continuing Checklist (Cathy Chengges)
• “All serious daring starts from within”: The Eudora Welty Serenity Angel from Midwest (Cindy Sheffield Michaels)
• News and Notes
• Roses in Welty’s Garden: Etoile de Hollande (Robert Burns)
• “A Word on the Photographs” (Eudora Welty/Clouds Hill Books)
• Eudora Welty Collection at Georgia State University (Pearl A. McHaney)
• Index for The Eye of the Story: Selected Essays and Reviews (Meribeth Fell and Nancy Kojima)

Winter 2004, Vol XXVIII, No. 1
• A Garden Reborn: The Opening of the Eudora Welty House Garden
• Baking the Cake: My Recipe for Mashula’s Coconut (Ann Romines)
• King MacLain: King of the Wood (Jim Shimkus)
• Textual Variants in “Sir Rabbit” (John Bayne)
• “Hope and Despair Were the Closest Blood”:Tragicomedy in Old Southwestern Humor and The Golden Apples (John Miller)
• Barry Moser, the Robber, and Eudora Welty (John Bayne)
• Gratitude, Greed, and Grace in The Robber Bridegroom: Eudora Welty’s Intricate American Parable (Anne Ramirez)
• The American Century Theater’s The Robber Bridegroom Receives Mixed Reviews (Cindy Sheffield Michaels)
• John Bayne Gives 200 Valuable Welty Items to Georgia State University (Tom McHaney)
• Welty and Ronald Reagan (John Bayne)
• Belhaven’s Fitting Tribute to A Longtime Neighbor (Cindy Sheffield Michaels)
• Roses in Welty’s Garden: Else Poulsen (Robert Burns)
• Eudora Welty in Another Commencement Address (Cindy Sheffield Michaels)
• Critz Campbell’s “Eudora Chair” (Cindy Sheffield Michaels)

Summer 2003, Vol. XXVII, No. 2
• “Oft in the Stilly Night” in Delta Wedding (Malinda Snow)
Delta Wedding: A Fairchild Genealogy (Malinda Snow)
• “The treasure most dearly regarded by me”: Eudora Welty’s Massey Lectures in the History of American Civilization (Carol Ann Johnston)
Delta Wedding and the Many Faces of “Abdul the Bulbul Amir” (Jim Shimkus)
• Eudora Welty and President Jimmy Carter (John Bayne)
• Works by Welty: A Continuing Checklist (Pearl Amelia McHaney)
• Eudora Welty’s Use of Tombstones and Cemeteries (John Bayne)
• Dignity and Self-Respect in Rollie McKenna’s and Eudora Welty’s Photographs (Meribeth Fell)
• Roses in Welty’s Garden: The Silver Moon (Robert Burns)
• Checklist of Welty Scholarship: 2002-2003 (Cathy Chengges)
• 1943 Southern Novel Reprinted (Pearl Amelia McHaney)
• Eudora Welty and West Wing
• Welty and Her World: Kenneth Haxton 1919-2002 (Pearl Amelia McHaney)
• News and Notes
• Eudora Welty as Teen: Library Receives Scrapbook (Tobie Baker)
• The Eudora Welty House (Patti Carr Black)

Winter 2003, Vol XXVII, No. 1
• Eudora Welty’s Use of Southern Dialect in “Why I Live at the P. O.” (Heather Russel)
• Contemporary Readers Commend on “Why I Live at the P. O.”
• “June Recital: The Words of Eudora Welty”: An Interview with Brenda Currin and David Kaplan (Edwin W. Schloss)
Losing Battles and One Writer’s Beginnings: Object, Story, and Memoir as “Life Review” (Kevin Eyester)
• Review of On Writing by Eudora Welty (Sven Birkerts)
• News and Notes
• Roses in Welty’s Garden: The Mermaid Rose (Robert Burns)
• Index for One Writer’s Beginnings (Nancy Kojima and Meribeth Fell)
• New Edition of Notes on River Country (UP of Mississippi)
• Phoenix and Legion d’honneru Awards for Daniele Pitavy-Souques (Geraldine Chouard)
• Thoughts upon Recieving the Legion d’honneur (Daniele Pitavy-Souques)
• Checklist of Contributions by Daniele Pitavy-Souques to Welty Studies
• Familiar and Foreign Bodies in Photographs of the South during the 1930s (Stuart Kidd)
• Eudora Welty, Photographer: The Photograph as Revelation (Jean Kempf)
• Re-visiting The Re-creation of Brian Kent (Leslie Gordon)

Summer 2002, Vol. XXVI, No. 2
• Discovering the Italian Translations of Eudora Welty’s Work (Maria Sciacco)
• Italian Translations of Welty Titles (Maria Sciacco)
Reading Stories of Italy
• “Celebration for Eudora Welty” (William Jay Smith)
• The Real Plight: Lye Poisening in “A Worn Path” (Melissa Deakins Stang)
• En Route to A Curtain of Green (Suzanne Marrs)
• Works by Welty: A Continuing Checklist (Pearl A. McHaney)
• Checklist of Welty Scholarship 2001-2002 (Catherine H. Chengges)
• Roses in Welty’s Garden: Seven Sisters (Robert Burns)
• The Jackson Cookbook With Welty Introduction Reissued for 30th Anniversary
• Welty Exhibit in Jackson
• Conference Panels on Welty
• Very Few Flowers: A Story from Eudora Welty’s Grave (Matthew R. Martin)

Winter 2002, Vol XXVI, No. 1
• Eudora Welty and Mushrooms (William Jay Smith)
• “Morels” (William Jay Smith)
• More on Morels, Gardens, and Music (Pearl Amelia McHaney)
• Letters by Eudora Welty (Eudora Welty)
• Welty Exhibits in Jackson
• “Samuel Hall” in Delta Wedding (Malinda Snow)
• Welty on Bishop Clay F. Lee (John S. Bayne)
• Remembering Eudora Welty: Selected Annotations (Renee Love)
• To and For: Welty’s Dedications (John S. Bayne)
• On William Hollingsworth, Jr. by Eudora Welty
• News and Notes
• “Eudora Welty at 75, An Inverview from The MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour” (Eudora Welty)
• Roses in Welty’s Garden (Robert Burns)

Summer 2001, Vol. XXV, No. 2
• Joe Krush Illustrates The Ponder Heart (Meribeth Fell)
• Earl Hamner, Eudora Welty, and Daniel Ponder (Kirk Nuss)
• Presenting The Ponder Heart (Earl Hamner, Jr.)
• An Interview with Earl Hamner, Jr. (Kirk Nuss)
• Historicizing The Ponder Heart (Julia Eichelberger)
• Collecting the Stories of Eudora Welty (John Ferrone)
• Works by Welty: A continuing Checklist (Pearl A. McHaney)
• Checklist of Welty Scholarship 2000 – 2001 (Catherine H. Chengges)
• “Outdoors at Eudora’s” (Meribeth Fell)
• Special Exhibitions Catalogue Includes Rare Welty Items
• Roses in Welty’s Garden (Robert Burns)
• News and Notes: Eudora Welty Writers’ Symposium; South Central MLA; MLA; Southern Women Writers Conference; Calls for Papers
• Picture of Lady Hillingdon roses (Robert Burns)
• Picture of Maréchal Niel roses from The Graham Stuart Thomas Rose Book (1994), Plate 94

Winter 2001, Vol XXV, No. 1
• In Welty’s Garden (Susan Haltom)
• Growing a “Welty Garden” From Plants in Her Prose (Susan Haltom)
• Flora in “The Wanderers (Kirk Nuss)
• Mississippi Artist Wyatt Waters (Pearl A. McHaney)
• The Welty Foundation Premieres The Ponder Heart Film (Meribeth Fell)
• Mississippi Center for the Book Celebrates The Ponder Heart (Thurman Boykin)
• Meeting Eudora Welty and Her Fiction (Ruth Weston)
• “Natchez Trace, Revisited” (Ruth Weston)
• Interview with Eudora Welty (Ross Spears)
• Blurb: Welty on Margaret Yorke (Kirk Nuss)
• News and Notes: The Innisfallen; Eudora Welty on the Web; A Portrait of Southern Writers; Welty Photograph in the Sir Elton John Collection; Keating Photograph of Eudora Welty; Conferences; Calls for Papers “Mille & une pages: in French Eudora Welty Fiction Collection

Summer 2000, Vol. XXIV, No. 2
• Inspired by Welty: Adaptations of The Ponder Heart (Kirk Nuss)
• Interview with Sally Darling (Kirk Nuss)
• Eudora Welty and Her Sense of the Comic (Tereza Marques de Oliveria Lima)
• Welty’s Humor: Letters from Madison, Wisconsin (Eudora Welty)
• Textual Variants in “Golden Apples”/”June Recital” (John Bayne)
• Works by Welty: A Continuing Checklist (Pearl A. McHaney)
• Checklist of Welty Scholarship (Catherine H. Chengges)
• News and Notes: The National Women’s Hall of Fame; Book: The Magazine for Reading Life; The Eudora Waltz; Biographical Note about John Stone; Rare Edition of The Key; America Eats Notes of Interest: Welty Society News; Future Welty Society Panels; Welty and Politics: Did the Writer Crusade?; ALA 2001 and SSSL Spring 2002

Winter 2000, Vol XXIV, No. 1
• Eudora Welty: A Russian Stance (Madina Tlostanova)
• Battling Laurel and Fay: Alfred Uhry Adapts The Optimist’s Daughter (Rhonda Mullen)
• The Unforgettable Day I Met Eudora Welty (John Warren Steen)
• Textual Variants in “Moon Lake” (John Bayne)
• “Unmoveable Relics”: The Farr Family and Revisions of Position, Direction and Movement in Eudora Welty’s “Clytie” (Lorinda B. Cohoon)
• Southern Books Critics Circle (Bob Summer)
• Comments Upon Receiving the Southern Books Critics Circle Distinguished Achievement Award for Eudora Welty (Pearl A. McHaney)
• Welty Foundation Meets In Memoriam: Wille Morris
• News and Notes: Country Churchyards; Tell Abouth the South: Voices in Black and White—The History of Modern Southern Literature (1915-present); Masterpiece Theatre American Collection includes The Ponder Heart