The “Ecology and Religion in 19th Century Studies” conference emerged from the organizers’ felt need for greater dialogue between scholarship on religion, the environmental humanities, and nineteenth-century studies. They hoped to foster this conversation through a more sustainable form of conferencing responsive to our own environmentally precarious moment. A successful, digitally linked symposium held in 2018 between Baylor University and the University of Strathclyde, “Rhyme and Reform: Victorian Working-Class Poets & Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s ‘The Cry of the Children,’” allowed the idea of a “flightless conference” to be tested. Building on what was learned, the following people are proudly producing a more expansive and varied flightless conferencing experience.

Baylor University, Site Organizers
Jennifer Borderud (Director of the Armstrong Browning Library)
Joshua King (Assoc. Prof. of English, Chair in Victorian Studies at Armstrong Browning Library)

Emory University, Site Organizers
Chris Adamson (Doctoral Candidate in English)

Georgetown University, Site Organizers
Nathan Hensley (Assoc. Prof. of English)
Patrick O’Malley (Prof. of English)

Lancaster University, Site Organizers
Chris Donaldson (Lecturer in Cultural History)
Sandra Kemp (Director of the Ruskin Library, Museum, and Research Centre)
Mark Knight (Senior Lecturer in English)
Emma Mason (Prof. of English and Head of English at the University of Warwick)
Andrew Tate (Reader in Literature, Religion, and Aesthetics)

University of Washington, Site Organizers
Gary Handwerk (Prof. of English)
Charles LaPorte (Assoc. Prof. of English)
Jesse Oak Taylor (Assoc. Prof. of English)

Production Team
Nicole Bouchard (English Doctoral Student, Research Assistant to Joshua King)
Molly Lewis (English Doctoral Student, Research Assistant to Joshua King)
Carl Flynn (Director of Marketing and Communications for IT and University Libraries)
Conner Krey (Classroom Technology Services)
Tanner Osborn (Learning Spaces and Media Services)
Carlye Thornton (Marketing and Communications Coordinator for IT and University Libraries)
Ben Wong (Classroom Technology Services)