Ecology & Religion in Nineteenth-Century Studies Conference
September 18-21, 2019
Atlanta | Seattle | Waco | Washington, D.C. | Lancaster (UK)

This flightless, multi-site, interdisciplinary conference explored the confluences between environmental and religious perspectives and practices in the long Anglophone nineteenth century (1780-1900). In response to the rapid acceleration of climate change since that century, this conference avoided air travel by digitally connecting events at several conference sites in the United States and in the United Kingdom. By lowering barriers of cost and transportation, this approach to networking promises to enable a more diverse and inclusive range of participation than is often possible at international conferences. Please enjoy the conference sessions and conversations under the “Sessions” tab above. Comments are now closed and this site will be maintained as a matter of academic record for future research for this cross-disciplinary inquiry in the area of nineteenth-century studies.

The four-day conference featured over 70 presenters including

Professor Susan Bratton, Baylor University

Susan Bratton
Professor of Environmental Science at Baylor University
Author of Six Billion and More; Christianity, Wilderness and Wildlife; Environmental Values in Christian Art; and The Spirit of the Appalachian Trail

Professor Mike Berners-Lee, Lancaster University

Michael Berners-Lee
Professor at Lancaster University, founder of Small World Consulting, and author of author ofThere is No Planet B: A Handbook for the Make or Break Years,How Bad Are Bananas? The carbon footprint of everything and co-author of The Burning Question.

Professor Michael Northcott, University of Edinburgh

Michael Northcott
Professor Emeritus at University of Edinburgh School of Divinity
Author ofPlace, Ecology and the Sacred; A Political Theology of Climate Change; A Moral Climate; and The Environment and Christian Ethics

Professor Gauri Viswanathan, Columbia University

Gauri Viswanathan
Class of 1933 Professor in the Humanities at Columbia University
Author of Masks of Conquest and Outside the Fold

Professor Norman Wirzba, Duke Divinity School

Norman Wirzba
Gilbert T. Rowe Distinguished Professor of Christian Theology; Senior Fellow at the Kenan Institute for Ethics; Senior Associate Dean for Institutional and Faculty Advancement at Duke Divinity School
Author ofFrom Nature to Creation; Making Peace with the Land; Food and Faith; Living the Sabbath; The Essential Agrarian Reader; and The Paradise of God

Visit the Sessions page of the site to experience the conference with content from these five sites

University of Washington (Seattle)
Armstrong Browning Library at Baylor University (Texas)
Emory University (Atlanta, Georgia)
Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.)
Lancaster University (UK)

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