Panel #8: Transatlantic Ecopoetics and Rhetorics

Moderator: Molly Lewis
Sean Dempsey (University of Arkansas), “Romantic Revisions, Grace, Substance, Soul”
Denae Dyck (University of Victoria), “‘formative energy in the clay’: Creative Wisdom and Ecological Poetics in John Ruskin’s The Queen of the Air”
Susan Oliver (University of Essex), “Curtis’s Botanical Magazine and Romantic Plant Poetry: Seeking Spirituality in Real-Life Flowers”
Rodney Stephens (Howard Payne University), “From Ahab’s Typhoon to Huck’s Summer Storm”

Panel #7: Imagining and Responding to Natural Disaster

Moderator: Justin Sider (University of Oklahoma)
Thomas Breedlove (Baylor University), “Speaking the World in Mary Shelley’s The Last Man”
Elizabeth Howard (University of Minnesota), “Catastrophic Glories: Natural Disasters and G.M. Hopkins’s Aesthetic Theodicy”
Alicia McCartney (Baylor University), “Shipwreck Ecotheodicy in Wordsworth’s Later Poetry”
Lesa Scholl (Kathleen Lumley College), “Limits of Relief: Alice Meynell and the Messina Earthquake of 1908”

Panel #6: Victorian Poetry, Ecology, and Religion

Moderator: Lesa Scholl (Kathleen Lumley College)
Christopher Adamson (Emory University), “Nature’s Eschatological Transcendence in Hardy’s ‘Aquae Sulis’”
Melinda Creech (Independent Scholar), “Hopkins and Ecotherapy”
Esther Hu (Boston University), “Gerard Manley Hopkins’s Ecotheological Poetry”
Justin Sider (University of Oklahoma), “Landscapes of Pre-Raphaelite Literalism”
Todd O. Williams (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania), “Strategic Trans-Species Empathy and Divine Mercy in Christina Rossetti’s ‘Brother Bruin’”

Panel #5: World Ecologies, Missions, and Contact Zones

Moderator: Sara Frear (Houston Baptist University)
Elizabeth Chang (University of Missouri), “Hydrology, Famine, Salvation: Victorian Missionary Writing from China”
Johan Elverskog (Southern Methodist University), “What the West Got Wrong about the East: Asian Religions are Not Environmental”
Pankaj Jain (University of North Texas), “Making of Indic Environmental Ethics in the Late Nineteenth Century”
Andrew Ronnevik (Baylor University), “Ojibwes, Missionaries, and the Land”
Justin Thompson (University of Maryland), “An Evangelical Erasure: Imperial Violence in Louisa Atkinson’s Writings”

Professor Jain’s visuals did not show through the feed, they are available here:

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