Lee Grumbles, B&I LLC Faculty in Residence

“Don’t be in a hurry, but instead enjoy the process,
embrace the failures and use it all to fuel your growth as an entrepreneur.”

-Lee Grumbles

What do you do when life just kind of happens and you’re a little slow reaching your goals and dreams? For Lee Grumbles it’s a go-to Bible verse that carries him during trying times. Lee says, “I lean on Philippians 4:6 when stress and anxiety try to get the best of me.”

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
~ Philippians 4:6

Lee grew up in Houston, Texas. He completed his undergraduate work at Texas A&M. Lee spent most of his corporate career working in the commercial banking and finance industry. While working, he also earned an MBA from Sam Houston State University as well as a PhD in Business Administration from Oklahoma State University. For 17 years, Lee was a vice president in commercial banking and mentored countless new bankers in areas such as B2B sales, risk assessment and portfolio management. By all accounts, a very impressive resume.

However, Lee’s goal was always to transition to academia, but “life” just kind of happened. Married with two children and a fortieth birthday around the corner, Lee realized it was time to just go for it.

Lee was initially drawn to Baylor University because of Baylor’s mission of integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment. However, after meeting with the Entrepreneurship Department and experiencing its unique culture, he was hooked.

Lee started his new career in academia as a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Baylor Entrepreneurship Department in the Fall of 2020 and taught Small Business Management, New Venture Finance and Entrepreneurial Finance. 

The amount of behind-the-scenes work required with academia was a bit of a culture shock for Lee, but he soon learned to take full advantage of evenings and weekends to keep on track and not fall behind. Lee feels his years of mentoring new bankers actually prepared him for his role in academia. He explains, “I believe those experiences were extremely valuable in giving me an understanding on how to effectively work with my students.”

In the Fall 2022, in addition to teaching Lee took on the role as Faculty In Residence at the Business & Innovation LLC housed in Brooks Flat Residential Hall. In this new role, Lee serves as a resource for students to help them navigate a new life at Baylor, but he will also work as a mentor to these students as students explore business and innovation from a faith-based perspective.

While Lee knows firsthand that life happens and it’s easy to lose track of time, his advice to students is not to be in a rush. He shares, “Don’t be in a hurry, but instead enjoy the process, embrace the failures and use it all to fuel your growth as an entrepreneur.”

Lee didn’t rush and he is right where he’s supposed to be. Sic ‘em, Lee!

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ENT Buzz | Bradley Norris

Bradley Norris, Director Technology Entrepreneurship



I earned my undergrad in computer science and math from Indiana University Bloomington and my Master of Science in management at Purdue University Krannert. My wife, Laura, and I have three wonderful kiddos. I have been on staff at Baylor for fifteen years now, and have loved every minute of it.


I am the Director of Technology Entrepreneurship and I serve on Baylor’s new Lab-To-Market team, a partnership between the Vice Provost for Research and Hankamer School of Business. This fall I will start a new journey also serving as the Faculty-in-Residence at Brooks Flats, home to the Business & Innovation LLC. My wife, youngest child and I will move into the dorm in August. To have the opportunity to live on campus and mingle with students outside of the classroom is so exciting.


I’ve had the privilege to work on real-world class projects including local Waco companies like Bankstons and Butter My Biscuit to NASA’s Neil Armstrong Flight Research Center to a billion-dollar pharmaceutical startup.


Baylor Homecoming is amazing! I especially like the parade. The floats that the students work so hard to make are incredible.


Always make time to check out guest speakers. Baylor, the business school and the Entrepreneurship department all bring in an incredible roster of speakers who come to campus for you. Be there to learn, to appreciate and to meet!

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ENT Buzz | Brooklyn Bolton


Brooklyn Bolton, Program Director Business & Innovation LLC



I graduated from Baylor in 2015 with a BBA in Business Fellows, Math and Economics. Shortly after graduation I married my Line Camp crush, Aryn, and we moved abroad to work with college students in East Asia. It was such an amazing experience and I knew that God was calling me to work with college students on a professional level. I started my job at Baylor after we moved back to Waco. Aryn and I now have two cute kiddos. Eden is 2 and Judah will be 1 this month. They are the biggest (little) blessings and we are so grateful at how God has guided our journey.


I oversee the Business & Innovation LLC. It’s basically my dream job. I get to work with entrepreneurially-minded, undergraduate students in the residence hall. I work directly with our student leaders to create programming that promotes student engagement outside of the classroom. Each year (who am I kidding, each day) looks a little bit different. We have dodgeball tournaments, Bible studies, golf lessons, guest speakers, pancake parties…you name it! My office is in the residence hall, right in the middle of student activity. I am an ambassador-of-sort for the Entrepreneurship department. I find joy in connecting our students to people and resources/programs that the Entrepreneurship department offers.


I love this department so much that it’s really hard to choose. If I had to pick one thing that stands out, I’m pretty sure it would be when we dared Gib Reynolds to do a backflip on one of our prospective student campus tours. He was in a suit!  In true entrepreneurial fashion, he did not back down from the challenge.


Homecoming! Aryn and I got engaged at the Homecoming bonfire during our senior year. Now that we are local alumni, we host our college friends in our home during Homecoming. It’s always such a fun weekend.


Live in the Business & Innovation LLC!  Am I allowed to say that if I run it? But seriously, the LLC offers so many resources and connections for our residents. Another great program that is open to non-LLC students is Oso Launch. We have some amazing faculty and staff that have created an awesome program for freshmen students to start and grow a successful venture.

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Student Entrepreneurs, Sugar Lips

“I’ve learned that everyone is capable of more than they think.”

~ Kaitleigh Booth

In 1969, The Archies released a little ditty with a snappy beat and sweet lyrics. You may remember, the chorus…

Sugar, ah honey honey
You are my candy girl
And you’ve got me wanting you

Don’t you think this song is the perfect personification of a sugary-sweet kind of product line? Maybe something that’s made of sugar and honey. You know, maybe something called Sugar Lips.

We think so too!

You may be wondering to yourself, what in the world is this candy-inspired sensation called Sugar Lips.

Sugar Lips is the brainchild of Baylor freshman Lauren Evans. During the fall 2016 semester, Lauren was enrolled in Entrepreneurship 3301 (ENT 3301) in association with the Entrepreneurship Living-Learning Center.

While taking ENT 3301, Lauren and her fellow classmates read The One Thing by Gary Keller, Founder of Keller-Williams Realty International. The students were then assigned to teams and each team was asked to build a business. Thus, we introduce you to Sugar Lips.

Sugar Lips is a student-made lip cosmetic that exfoliates lips with cane sugar and moisturizes lips with honey and olive oil. The Sugar Lips mission is to create a high-quality and all-natural lip scrub at an affordable price that leaves customers with soft and supple lips.

All it takes is a quick “lip scrub” Google search to realize that lip scrubs are the latest must-haves for beauty routines. But what makes this sugary phenomenon so special?

According to Kaitleigh Booth the Chief Marketing Officer for Sugar Lips, regular lip exfoliating allows popular matte lipsticks to go on smoother and last longer. 

Kaitleigh also points out that there are a couple of things that set Sugar Lips apart from other popular lip scrubs. First, Sugar Lips is made up of all-natural and organic ingredients, hopping on the trendy, organic-beauty-products bandwagon. Fewer processed ingredients equates fewer irritations and adverse reactions. Second, Sugar Lips solves the unpleasant problem of dry and chapped lips. And third, Sugar Lips is right here on campus.

Initially, the Sugar Lips team goal was to acquire an “A” in the class. According to Mary Abrahams, faculty advisor to the Entrepreneurship LLC, Sugar Lips was definitely a successful startup business. Mary explained that the students pooled together their own money to fund the initial investment of $104. In the end, they were able to pay back their individual investments as well as make a profit.

It didn’t take long for this student-business team to realize that Sugar Lips may just be the start of something sweetly spectacular. Maybe, just maybe, they could expand Sugar Lips beyond the Baylor community. The team looked bigger…bigger as in the popular Saturday morning Waco Farmer’s Market.

This group of like-minded, budding entrepreneurs has big dreams, but there are some hurdles. Sugar Lips is considered a personal care product, meaning it is a cosmetic and subject to FDA rules and regulations. Before Sugar Lips can proceed with any expansion goals, FDA approval is a required.

Until then, the ladies of the Baylor community will enjoy being their best version of a sugar-sugar candy girl…with smooth lips.

Sugar Lips
Partnership with Chinaberry Boutique
Chief Executive Officer: Lauren Evans
Chief Financial Officer: Tristan Dunn and Jurong Chen
Chief Marketing Officer: Kaitleigh Booth
Research Development: Samantha Treadwell
Manufacture: Taylor Mitchell
Sales Manager: Toi Tennessee

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