Clay Clark,


“Absolutely the biggest contributor to my success is
I realized that I am an entrepreneur at heart.”

~Clay Clark

Don’t you just love walking into a room and noticing a wall piece that only a select few will actually understand the significance and you just happen to be one of those few? For example, not every Baylor graduate will understand a framed photo of a dancing bear circa 1996. And not every football fan will appreciate a framed Dallas Cowboy number 22 jersey.

After noticing the anything-but-ordinary adornment, you quickly size up the room. You make a mental note of the telltale eye sparkle of someone who gets it. There’s a mutual head nod as if you’re members of an exclusive, secret society.

Clay Clark understands the passion, the spirit and the loyalty one can experience as a member of these elite societies. He just happens to be part of a unique society of enthusiasts who hold a deep-rooted appreciation for race tracks from around the world.

This Baylor grad with an MBA from Acton is the brain-child behind, an e-commerce, niche company catering specifically to motorsports fans. manufactures and sells wall-piece art that replicates more than 650 different race tracks from around the world.

Clay explains, “Most people don’t get it when they see our products.” He continues, “We make products that only our customers can understand and fully appreciate it.”

Ever since he was a teenager, Clay has had a fascination with fast cars, specifically Formula 1. And while working as a product manager at, Clay also developed a passion for e-commerce. It was then that he realized that the two passions didn’t have to be mutually exclusive. Clay combined his experience in manufacturing and internet marketing from with his passion for motorsport to create, an e-commerce business specializing in automotive race track and road course decals and stickers.

The initial goal was to sell just one product to just one customer. Specifically, the customer had to be a stranger. The day after was launched, Clay made his first business transaction. Since that very first decal sale, this just-for-fun, side gig has grown into a bonafide revenue building, e-commerce success that eventually expanded to what is now known as

The website boasts that there are more than 600 crafted wooden sculptures of race tracks and road courses from all around the world. And then there are also wood murals, art prints and decals. Racing fans are like the proverbial “kid in a candy store” when visiting this website.

To Clay, it’s all about fulfilling a dream and living out a passion. He explains, “It really makes me happy to produce a product that I would want to buy myself, as a motorhead.”

Clay infiltrated an entire underground society by simply creating really cool art pieces that he would want to buy for himself. He found a niche with an unmet need and he found a way to meet that need. That’s ingenious entrepreneurship.


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