Research Facilities and Equipment

The Nano-Optics & Advanced Health Sensing (NOAHS) Lab is located on the second floor at Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative (BRIC) and has a total footprint of 4,000 square feet (sf). The NOAHS Lab consists of three research rooms totaling more than 2,000 sf of lab space: Semiconductor and Photonics Lab, Biomaterials Lab, and Prototyping Lab, which is equipped with state-of-the-art commercial and custom-built instruments to synthesis bio-photonic materials, fabricate and characterize various photonic devices, sensors, and systems.

Materials Characterization:

Lakeshore Hall system

Woollam ellipsometer

To be updated

Optoelectronic Device/System Characterization:

  • Optical Tables
    • One Newport (12’×6’) floating optical tables with vibration isolation
    • Two Newport (8’x4’) floating optical breadboard tables
    • One Thorlabs optical table workstation (8’x4’) with active vibration isolation
    • One optical workstation (4.5’x3’)
  • Optical Coupling Systems
    • Customer-built waveguide grating coupling systems with different titled angles
    • Thorlabs APT NanoTrak Auto-alignment Controller
    • Thorlabs Max311D 3-Axis NanoMax Stage, Closed-Loop Piezos
    • Surface-normal optical coupling system for silicon photonics
    • Multiple Thorlabs and Newport 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis alignment stages
  • Lasers & Light Sources
    • Carlmar femtosecond pulsed fiber laser: 0.1ps pulse, 20mW
    • Santec tunable lasers: TSL710, TSL510 O-band, and TSL210
    • HP 8168A tunable laser
    • Newport 5-channel DWDM laser array at C-band
    • Thorlabs broadband IR ASE diode laser: 1.5-1.6 μm
    • Mellis-Griot HeNe laser: 632.8 nm, 5mW
    • SDL CW high power CW fiber laser: 1112nm, 10W
    • LSI DLM-220 dye laser: 514nm, 3ns pulse
    • Two Nd:YAG lasers: 1064 nm and 512 nm, 10W
    • Avantes white light source: vis-IR
    • Intralux fiber optic illuminator
    • Various visible wavelength Coherence solid state lasers
    • Various semiconductor laser diodes and LEDs
  • Optical Amplifiers
    • Thorlab S9FC1004P semiconductor optical amplifier
    • Thorlab polarization maintaining Erbium doped fiber amplifier (EDFA-100)
  • Optical Spectrum Analyzers and Photodetectors/Power Meters
    • Thorlab OSA203 Optical spectrum analyzer (1.0-2.6μm)
    • HP70951 optical spectrum analyzer (0.6-1.7 μm)
    • Ocean-optics USB2000 and USB4000 UV-VIS spectrum analyzer
    • Chromex scanning monochromator
    • Newport PMKIT power meter: 0.1nW-2W
    • VIC silicon photomultiplier
    • Two Thorlab InGaAs fixed gain photodetectors
    • Thorlab BP209-IR beam profiler (900-1700nm)
    • Newport PMKIT power meter: 0.1nm-2W
    • Thorlab fiber-optic power meter: 800-1700nm
    • Thorlab USB PM100 power and energy meter with Si and Ge detectors
    • PbSe Photodetector 
    • PbS Fixed Gain Detector
    • InGaAs Amplified Detector with TEC
  • High-Speed Optoelectronics Characterization
    • Keysight M8196A arbitrary waveform generator (92GSa/s)
    • Keysight N1000A digital communication analyzer (DCA)  wide-banwidth oscilloscope with N1030A optical receiver (65GHz bandwidth)
    • Agilent 86100A digital communication analyzer with 86109A optoelectronic module (30GHz optical and 40GHz electrical bandwidth)
    • Thorlabs 818-BB-35 12.5GHz photodetector & APD310 high gain detector
    • HP 83595C RF generator 26.5GHz
    • HP 8562 microwave spectrum analyzer (up to 26.5GHz)
    • Fluke 1GHz function generator
    • Multiplex Tektronix function generators
    • Tektronix digital oscilloscopes
    • Dual channel Wavetek synthesized arbitrary waveform generator
    • Princeton lock-in amplifiers
    • Cascade microtech RF probe station and 40GHz Infinity probes
    • Broadband SHF amplifier
    • 10GHz LiNbO3 intensity modulator

Biomaterials Synthesis and Biosensors Characterization:

  • General Wet-Lab Equipment:
    • To be updated
  • Biomaterials Incubator:
    • Distek BIOne 1250 dual controller bioreactor
  • Optical Microscopy and Spectroscopy:
    • Horiba XploreaPlus confocal Raman/photoluminescence microscope
    • BWTek i-Raman plus portable Raman spectrometer
    • CM110 optical spectrograph