Welcome to the Nano-Optics & Advanced Health Sensing (NOAHS) Lab


Research and development of next generation photonic materials, devices and systems to meet the challenge of future information technologies, healthcare, energy, and environment protection applications.


The NOAHS Lab was founded by Prof. Alan Wang, the Mearse Endowed Chair Professor at Baylor University, in August 2022 with focus on cutting-edge research in biological photonic materials, nano-photonics, photonic integrated circuits, and optical biosensors. The NOAHS Lab has a total footprint of 4,000 sf with more than 2,000 sf of lab space, which is equipped with state-of-the-art commercial and custom-built instruments to synthesis bio-photonic materials, fabricate, characterize and measure various photonic devices and systems.

To learn about our research or to partner with us, please contact Prof. Alan Wang at alan_wang@baylor.edu


  • Innovative photonic materials: transparent conductive oxides, biological photonic crystals (diatoms), plasmonic nanparticles
  • Energy-efficient photonic devices and integrated photonic circuits for chip-to-chip optical interconnects: silicon photonics, microring resonators, photonic crystal nanocavities, and metasurfaces
  • Optical biosensors using surface-enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS), fluorescence, and infrared absorption
  • Application of biosensors: drug detection, food safety, biomarker sensing, and gas sensing