Camper FAQs


What is a typical day at the Worship Lab?

Each morning will begin with breakfast and devotionals lead by our visit worship artists. Students will spend the morning and afternoon in separate band rehearsals, breakout sessions for specific instruments, and exploring various topics related to worship. Students will attend worship services each morning combined with those in attendance to the Alleluia Conference. Evening sessions will feature our visiting artists with testimonials, music, and questions from students.

What makes the Worship Lab unique?

Worship Lab stands apart from other events for its intentionally small feel and intimate setting. Occasionally, visiting worship artists participate in our camp to build relationships and dialogue one-on-one with students. Their presence is not simply a selfie and CD signing experience. At Baylor, our desire is to encourage your education of worship, while allowing you to develop world-class skills and God-sized hearts.

Do I need to come with a group?

Not at all! We do welcome the participation of entire youth worship teams, but the majority of our students come on their own. Before your arrival, you will be assigned a spot in one of our camp bands spend rehearsal time with this smaller group, as well as, the entire camp as a whole.

What type of lodging is provided?

Baylor University provides on-campus housing in one of our dorms for this camp. Specifics on room assignments are made in the weeks leading up to the event. You can request a specific roommate during registration. If you would like to request a roommate after registration has ended, you must email by June 15th.


What do I bring with me?

  • Instrument (keyboards & drum sets can be provided, but you must contact us to let us know if you will need one)
  • Instrument accessories and gear (sticks, strings, picks, etc.)
  • Bible, pen, notebook, etc.
  • A backpack or bag of some kind for carrying your daily necessities with you.
  • Personal hygiene items (deodorant, shower essentials, soap, etc.)
  • Spending money for snacks (water and snacks provided daily) in vending machines. All vending machines accept credit cards.
  • Alarm Clock (this can be a cell phone)
  • Watch

** Refer to Camp Handbook for a complete list of items.

What is Baylor’s discipline policy?

Before your arrival, students and parents will be required to read, sign, and mail in the university’s discipline policies. Students are expected to follow these guidelines in order to ensure all students present at our camp have a safe and pleasant time while on campus. Any violation of this policy will result in the guardians being notified and potential removal from program.

What is the camp dress code?

Neat, casual, appropriate hot weather attire with comfortable shoes. Tshirts must reflect good taste. The facilities get very cold, so you may wish to bring a sweatshirt or sweater..

Can I drive my car while at camp?

Participants are welcome to drive to our event and park in one of our designated lots for the duration of the camp. Once the event has begun, students are not allowed to return to their cars until the conclusion of the final service on Friday.

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