Dormitories & Meals

Camp participants will be housed in Baylor dormitories. For all youth camps, roommates will be assigned unless a participant designates a roommate on the registration form. We cannot guarantee all campers will be roomed with the individual he/she requests; however, we do our best to honor all requests. Our Dorm Rooms accommodate TWO campers. Staff will oversee students while in the dormitories, and participants will be required to be in rooms at designated times.

Meals will be provided in campus dining halls which offer a wide array of food choices for each meal of the day. All meals will be scheduled at regular times throughout the day. On occasion, students will participate in extra meals such as pizza parties or cookouts. Vending machines will be available in most buildings outside of scheduled meals.

Please schedule your arrivals and departures to coordinate with camp start and end times. We are unable to host students prior to and following the scheduled camp dates.