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Undergraduate Research Assistantships (fall deadline: August 26, 2022)


Students are encouraged to apply for RA positions if they are highly-motivated, professional, reliable, organized, and have at least four fall/spring semesters remaining at Baylor. First year students should wait until their second year at Baylor to apply. We especially welcome applications from students from underrepresented backgrounds and from students who embrace our laboratory’s celebration of diversity and commitment to equity and inclusion. Applicants should be aware that undergraduate RA positions are volunteer positions. To apply, download and complete the written application (click here) and then email it along with your resume/CV to Dr. Scullin. A select group of candidates will be invited for interviews with Dr. Scullin, and then a group of finalists will interview with other lab members. You can expect an update on your application 3-4 weeks following the deadline.

What Can I Expect as an RA?

We take a team science approach, and thus, RA activities depend both on research interests and laboratory needs. All RAs complete PSG/EEG training and contribute regularly to data collection and data entry. In addition, many RAs progress to the stage where they can contribute to data analysis/interpretation, conference presentations, and even to developing and conducting independent projects. More than a dozen RAs have published book chapters or journal articles, and approximately 20 RAs have won university or national awards. RAs have been very successful at gaining entrance to Ph.D. research programs and medical schools such as Baylor College of Medicine, UT Health McGovern, UT Health San Antonio, TCU, Wisconsin, UNT TCOM, and Indiana.