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Sleep Neuroscience & Cognition Laboratory

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Research Focus

Our overarching goal is to understand the basic processes supporting cognition and to translate that knowledge to promote health and human flourishing across the adult lifespan. Within this overarching goal, we have developed two lines of research.

  1. What are the sleep-based physiological underpinnings of cognition, health, and aging?
  2. How is prospective memory–memory for future actions–accomplished by neural and cognitive systems?

Lab News

New Grant

The National Science Foundation awarded the SNAC Laboratory a three year grant to study sleep restriction and creativity using fMRI neuroimaging (read more here). Contact Dr. Scullin if you’re interested in applying for available positions as a post-baccalaureate research assistant, RPSGT, PhD graduate student, or post-doctoral fellow.

Recent Press

Extra credit incentives reverse poor sleep habits during finals week (top) and writing a to-do list at bedtime decreases difficulty falling asleep (bottom).

Extra Credit Incentives Reverse Poor Sleep Habits During Finals Week
Writing a To-do List at Bedtime Decreases Difficulty Falling Asleep

2019 National Awards to Trainees

Congratulations to Nikita Chapagain and Taylor Terlizzese for winning the SRS Infographic Contest! Congratulations to Chenlu Gao for her Top 3 presentation at the APA Convention and abstract awards from APS and SRS!



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Impact of Sleep Loss on Creativity Processes and Educational Learning