Nighttime view of the spectacular Baylor Sciences Building, which houses the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience.

Nighttime view of the Baylor Sciences Building, which houses the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience.

How Can I Participate in Sleep Research Studies?

If you are interested in participating in a study, email: BaylorSleepLab (at)

Research Interests

The Sleep Neuroscience and Cognition Laboratory at Baylor University has two broad research aims. First, we investigate the sleep-based physiological underpinnings of cognition, health, and aging. Second, we test for cognitive and neural mechanisms in prospective memory. Our overarching goal is to identify the basic processes supporting cognition and to translate those findings to promote health and longevity in aging humans.


Baylor SNaC Lab News

Sleep During Finals Week:¬†Thanks to Dennis Turner at ABC’s KXXV for visiting the sleep lab, and to Amy Norton and Jeremy Bauer-Wolf for their nice articles in US News & World Report and Inside Higher Ed.

2018 Graduate Student Awards: Congratulations to Chenlu Gao for winning Baylor’s Three Minute Thesis graduate competition (plus the audience choice award) for her work on applying targeted memory reactivation to education!

2018 Undergraduate RA Awards: Congratulations to Stacy Nguyen on winning a neuroscience research recognition award (plus an outstanding-rated honor’s thesis, honor’s grant, URSA grant, etc., etc.), Taylor Terlizzese for publishing in Scientia, and Nikita Chapagain for receiving the B-TRUE fellowship. Further congratulations to Mary High, Stacy Nguyen, Taylor Luster, and Daniel Zeter for winning second place at URSA.

Sleep and To-Do List Writing: Thanks to Psychology Today, Time, Fox, and Good Morning America and the 250 additional news stations that covered our recent JEP:General paper. Additional thanks to the media communications department for the newsmakers luncheon!