Welcome to the
Sleep Neuroscience & Cognition Laboratory

PI: Michael K. Scullin

Research Focus

We investigate how cognitive and behavioral processes change across time. Within this broad framework, we have two lines of inquiry, which often intersect:

  1. What are the sleep and circadian-based underpinnings of cognition, health, and human flourishing?
  2. Why does cognition change with aging and Alzheimer’s disease, and how can smart technology be leveraged to support prospective memory, longevity, and quality of life?

Lab News

Active Grants

The National Science Foundation awarded CAREER grant to study sleep and STEM learning (read more here) and a Level II grant to study mechanisms of sleep–creativity interactions using fMRI (read more here). Contact Dr. Scullin if you’re interested in applying for a positions as a post-baccalaureate research assistant.

Selected Press

Music can induce long-lasting earworms that are perpetuated by spontaneous memory-reactivation processes….the sleeping brain continues to process musical melodies [APS Under the Cortex].

Extra Credit Incentives Reverse Poor Sleep Habits During Finals Week
Writing a To-do List at Bedtime Decreases Difficulty Falling Asleep

Awards to Trainees

Congratulations to Alex Do for winning an URSA grant, congratulations to Chenlu Gao for winning an APA Dissertation Award, and to Keyanna Gayden, Rachel Jillson, and Ivy Grossberg for their outstanding research and service awards!