Meet Our Team

Principal Investigator

Michael K. Scullin, Ph.D.

“I have a longstanding interest in how sleep and cognition change across the adult lifespan, and what we can do about it. Outside of the laboratory, I work with students, journals, museums, clinics, churches, and other community groups to help translate basic science into real world benefits. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife, son, daughter, and border collie, and following my beloved Mavericks, Rangers, and Cowboys.”

Post-Doctoral Fellows & Graduate Students

Allison Nickel, Ph.D

“In graduate school, my work focused primarily on the interactions between memory and attention using eye-tracking and fMRI. As a post-doc, I’m interested in how sleep can influence cognition and how gender and race/ethnicity play a factor. I think that by considering these factors in sleep research and planning sleep interventions, that we can better help people learn about the importance of sleep for their overall well-being. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking with my dog, biking, baking, and gardening.”

Blake Barley

“I am a graduate student at Baylor University working with Dr. Scullin in the Sleep Neuroscience & Cognition Lab. My research interests include the underlying cognitive mechanisms of learning and memory. I am interested in how sleep affects these processes, as well as how other individual differences such as depression or anxiety can play a role. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, listening to music, and playing guitar.”


Maisha Binte Rashid

“I’m from Dhaka, Bangladesh, and I received my Bachelors degree from Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology. My major was in Computer Science and Engineering. Brains, neurons, and human psychology always fascinated me. In the SNaC Lab, I am working on developing a video game for the Mayborn Museum where the main goal is to make people aware of the necessity of sleep and how our brains function even when we’re asleep. Outside of the lab, I love to read books, watch movies and TV shows. ”


Post-Baccalaureate Researchers

Laurel Diaz, B.S.

Dallas, TX
Biology, Marine and Freshwater Sciences 

I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with my Bachelors degree in Biology, specializing in Marine and Freshwater Science. While my Bachelors degree is very different from Neuroscience, I have always been fascinated with all fields of science and scientific research. I am incredibly interested in sleep health and its impact on  the development of Alzheimer’s Disease. As someone with a personal connection to Alzheimer’s, this is an amazing opportunity to combine that with my passion for science. Outside of the lab, I love to play video games – I’m a huge Nintendo fan! I also love to exercise, spend time outdoors, read, and hang out with my family and friends.



Natalya Pruett, M.A.


“I love working as a polysomnography tech because Sleep medicine is one of the few fields where patients can show a vast improvement in a short time line, and it is one of the most enjoyable aspects of working as a technologist. Working in the Sleep and Neuroscience Cognition Lab opened, for me, new knowledge on how sleep influences memory and cognition. Outside of the lab I love reading, jazz, and travel.”


Undergraduate Researchers

Ivy Grossberg

Austin, TX
Psychology (2022)

Research Coordinator

“I joined the SNaC Lab because I have always been interested in cognition and how it relates to sleep. Outside of the lab, I am involved in the Psychology Club, Best Buddies, and AMWA. I enjoy running, being outside, and watching the Texans.”



Rachel Jillson

Mustang, OK
Neuroscience (2022)

“I joined the SNaC Lab because I have always been interested in how sleep and the lack of sleep affects so many different aspects of our everyday lives. Outside of the lab, I like to cook, volunteer for hospice, and spend time in the gym.”


Keyanna Gayden

San Antonio, TX
Neuroscience (2022)

“I have always been interested in neuroscience because I absolutely love the complexity of the brain. My research interests include how technology affects our ability to get good sleep and our lives in general. I joined the SNaC Lab because of the hard-working and strong community that comes with it. In my free time, I am a member of the Black Student Union, Neuroscience Student Association, and the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society. I also enjoy reading and listening to music.”

Alexander Do

Dallas, TX
Neuroscience (2023)

“The reason I joined the SNaC Lab is because I became interested in the critical effect of sleep throughout your life. I want to help people realize the lengths to which sleep, or lack thereof can affect so many aspects of your life. Outside of the lab I volunteer at G.W. Carver with the ACE program, MSO and BURST. I also enjoy playing basketball, soccer, spikeball, hiking at Cameron Park and watching the Mavericks.”

Manaal Salman

San Antonio, TX
Neuroscience & BIC (2023)

I’ve always been interested in how complex the brain is, and specifically how sleep affects our ability to interact with the world around us. I joined the SNaC Lab to be surrounded by a community passionate about neuroscience and committed to learning. At Baylor, I’m in BURST, Better Together BU and Ampersand. I love cooking, traveling, and cheering on the Spurs.

Namrata Mathew

Huntsville, TX
Neuroscience & Philosophy (2024)

“I joined the SNaC Lab to continue learning about sleep and its effects on memory and cognitive function. Outside of the lab, I am involved in BURST and the Philosophy Club. I also enjoy baking, hiking, and playing the piano.”

Lena Deharde

Seguin, TX
Neuroscience (2023)

“I joined the SNaC Lab because I am interested in learning how sleep contributes to a person’s physical and mental well-being. The opportunity to dive into the complexity of the brain with a great, passionate community excited me. Outside of the lab, I enjoy being a member of Kappa Chi Alpha, Christian Pre-Health Fellowship, and I work at the Student Life Center.”

Kay Chi Pua

Dallas, TX
Business Fellows (2024)

I joined the SNaC lab because I am interested in researching the neurological and physical impacts of sleep on our lives and look forward to discovering ways to benefit the lives of others through changing sleep and memory habits. Additionally, I joined to be immersed in a like-minded community that respects one another and celebrates each others’ successes. Outside of the lab, I am involved with Baylor MSO, and I love working out, spontaneous outdoor adventures, and playing volleyball!

Gabriel Galan

Houston, TX
Neuroscience (2023)

I joined because I’ve always been interested in the effects of sleep on cognition and memory since I was a sophomore in high school, and this lab was one that gave me the opportunity to explore and study those effects. I spend most of my time as a member and volunteering for Alpha Epsilon Delta (a pre-health honor society), but I also enjoy playing basketball and board games with my friends and roommates.

Anmol Chhabra

Punjab, India
Psychology (2023)

Being an international student from India, I have grown up in an environment where there is little understanding of sleep disorders and the consequences of sleep deprivation. I was intrigued by how sleep foreshadows our day-to-day functioning, whether it is physical or cognitive, and thus, my curiosity led me to join the SNaC lab. At Baylor, I am involved in ISSA, Kappa Phi Gamma, and MAPS. My hobbies include playing table tennis, cooking, and watching shows!