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HEBHL receives NICHD R15 grant to determine the impact of environmental enteric dysfunction on the growth and energy expenditure of school-age children

AJHB (2022)- HEBHL members publish review on the use of minimally invasive biomarkers in human evolutionary biology

Science (2021)- Little kids burn so much energy, they’re like a different species, study finds

In the most comprehensive analysis of its kind, scientists find stark differences between children and adults (2021) Researchers define new equation for doubly labeled water studies

Duke TODAY (2021)- Humans Evolved To Be the Water-Saving Ape

New study suggests humans evolved to run on less water than our closest primate relatives.

What we eat may be more important than how much we move when it comes to fighting obesity.

Waco Tribune-Herald (2020)— Move more, weigh less? Baylor prof’s study of Amazon kids challenges that equation

healthline (2020)- Study Finds Overeating Not Inactivity May Help Explain Child Obesity Rates

A new study looking at children in the Amazon found that diet, not a lack of physical activity, may be behind childhood obesity increase.

Daily Mail (2019) — Eating too much – not exercising too little – is the biggest driver of obesity in children, finds study that compared Western children to young Amazonian hunters

CBS Baltimore — Study Finds Weight Gain Comes From Eating Too Much

A new study from Baylor University finds weight gain comes from eating too much, not exercising too little