Join our team! Graduate and undergraduate students are essential members of the HEBHL. All are welcome – our lab policies are designed to provide an environment for everyone to do good science and to thrive intellectually (and to have fun while doing it, of course!).

Interested students should email Dr. Urlacher directly (, including a CV/resume and a detailed description of why they would like to join the lab and when.

PhD applicants should consider both the Anthropology PhD and Biology PhD programs at Baylor. Both programs are excellent and provide top-notch funding and support. The HEBHL is particularly interested in PhD applicants who would like to focus on evolutionary energetics projects involving children’s nutrition/epidemiologic transition, human aging and life history evolution, the role of inflammation/stress in the developmental origins of health disparities, and the dual burden of growth stunting and later life obesity. Those with field and lab experience are especially encouraged to apply.