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Monique Ingalls – ‘Tis Pleasant to Repeat! The Art and Science of Repetition in Musical Worship

This workshop draws from recent work in cognitive science, musicology, and practical theology to present a framework for determining why we should repeat, what we should repeat, and how we should repeat when leading music in

PIE Talk – A Letter to Younger Me (2019 Alleluia Conference)

Description: Join three of our clinicians, who have become experienced church musicians and experts in their fields, as...

James Cheesman – Questions and Creative Solutions for Band-Led Worship (2019 Alleluia Conference)

In James’ final session at the 2019 Alleluia Conference he works to answer questions from participants on creative ways to teach and lead.

Mark Burrows – The Heartbeat of Prayer (2019 Alleluia Conference)

Drumming is about so much more than “performing” rhythms. We can utilize percussion to bring about some truly powerful, prayerful experiences…

Benji Stegner – A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols as Intergenerational Worship (2019 Alleluia Conference)

This session will examine the Nine Lessons and Carols service, it’s history, and how it offers flexibility to serve as a model for a variety seasons, churches, and institutions. Most valuably, the service (in its form at King’s College

Barbara Newman, LaTonya Penny, and Ken Medema – Renovate Church: Personalization (2019 Alleluia Conference)

How can the church support individuals and families for whom church is very difficult? Including individuals in the life of the church who have disabilities or extenuating

Michael Huerter – Songs of Young and Old: Singing the Stages of Life Together (2019 Alleluia Conference)

Music carries deep meaning for people and their faith stories. Worship music and various musical styles have often been points of contention and conflict between generations in the church. But how might we find new ways to engage with

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One of the characteristics of a vibrant music ministry is a well-nurtured children’s choir program. We at Alleluia value the distinctive contribution a children’s choir brings to a worship service and the overall music ministry. These sessions are geared to equip a children’s choir team with relevant and useful tools for effective ministry.

Since its inception in 1985, The Northcutt Lecture Series has become an integral part of the academic and spiritual life of the Baylor University School of Music. Through this series nationally and internationally known church music scholars are brought to Baylor University for an annual presentation.

The Hearn Innovators in Christian Music Series is designed to bring innovators in the field of Christian Music to Baylor’s campus and facilitate close interaction between the guest and Baylor’s students. These special visitors may be involved in the practice, creation, or study of Christian Music.

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