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Cliff Duren – Worship Band=Worship Leader – Discipling Your Worship Band (2021 Alleluia Conference)

Some of the most visible people in your church are the members of your worship band. They are typically on stage as much as your pastor! What is their role as a leader in the worship gathering and what is your role in preparing them to lead? Let’s talk about it in the Worship Band = Worship Leader session.

Shannan Baker – Pastor and Music Minister Communication (2021 Alleluia Conference)

Learning to Be “Bilingual”: Establishing Communication between Pastors and Music Leaders

Thursday Evening Worship (2021 Alleluia Conference)

Join us for the closing worship gathering at Alleluia 2021. Led by Dr. Randall Bradley and students from Baylor’s School of Music. Pastor, Les Hollon, preacher.

Jake Mulder – Understanding and Empowering Young People in Worship (2021 Alleluia Conference)

As adult leaders, many of us end up confused or frustrated with how different today’s young people are than when we were their age. How do we help young people lead? This session will offer practical advice of understanding and empowering young people.

Jeff Barnett & Kent Morris – Lighting 101 (2021 Alleluia Conference)

A technology session presented at the 2021 virtual Alleluia Conference by members of the Sweetwater team.

Jake Mulder – Changing Worship Styles Without a Fight (2021 Alleluia Conference)

When it comes to a church’s worship services, “change” is likely to be one of people’s least favorite words. This session will provide strategies for leading changes in worship style without a fight.

Bob Avant and David Harris – Open Q&A for Handbells (2021 Alleluia Conference)

This open Q & A session allows the participants to tap the combined 80+ years of handbell ringing and handbell leadership by these two presenters.

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One of the characteristics of a vibrant music ministry is a well-nurtured children’s choir program. We at Alleluia value the distinctive contribution a children’s choir brings to a worship service and the overall music ministry. These sessions are geared to equip a children’s choir team with relevant and useful tools for effective ministry.

Since its inception in 1985, The Northcutt Lecture Series has become an integral part of the academic and spiritual life of the Baylor University School of Music. Through this series nationally and internationally known church music scholars are brought to Baylor University for an annual presentation.

The Hearn Innovators in Christian Music Series is designed to bring innovators in the field of Christian Music to Baylor’s campus and facilitate close interaction between the guest and Baylor’s students. These special visitors may be involved in the practice, creation, or study of Christian Music.

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