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Constance Cherry – Spring 2019 – Northcutt Lecture Series

Constance Cherry is Professor of Christian Worship and Pastoral Ministry at Indiana Wesleyan University. She is a published author, composer, and hymnist. Her areas of expertise…

John Woods – Spring 2019 – Hearn Innovators Series

John Woods, Music and Worship Pastor for Dawson Family of Faith in Birmingham, Alabama, joins us as the Spring 2019 Hearn Innovator. John provides leadership in a variety of areas including music, the arts, and liturgy. He is passionate about the marriage of

Amanda Powell – Fall 2018 – Hearn Innovators Series

The Hearn Innovators Series in Christian Music presents the Fall 2018 presentation with Amanda Powell. Amanda’s work in worship and song leadership began during a trip to South East Asia in 2001, supported by the …

Zac Hicks – Architecting Gospel Shaped Worship Services (2018 Alleluia Conference)

The gospel is the center of our Christian faith, and its story has anchored worship for centuries across many different traditions. How do we structure worship services which…

Randall Bradley – Building Your Choir Intergenerationally (2018 Alleluia Conference)

Many church choirs are aging and lacking the ability to attract younger members. Based on a working model, this session will explore strategies that, in a local church context, are proving to be effective.

Zac Hicks – A Touchy Subject: Emotion and Worship (2018 Alleluia Conference)

What do our emotions have to do with worship? Is healthy emotionalism even imaginable in our contexts, and if so, how do we help the people of God engage…

The relational ethics of church music – Nathan Myrick

Music is an “indispensable” aspect of Protestant Christian worship, to use Brian Wren’s term (2000, 48). Yet it is also perceived as one of the most divisive aspects of that activity, with scholars, practitioners, and congregants alike contributing to this perspective. As scholars such as Donald Hustad (1993), Harold Best (1993, 2003), J. Nathan Corbitt (1998), Brian Wren (2000), James K. A. Smith (2009) and Jeremy S. Begbie…

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One of the characteristics of a vibrant music ministry is a well-nurtured children’s choir program. We at Alleluia value the distinctive contribution a children’s choir brings to a worship service and the overall music ministry. These sessions are geared to equip a children’s choir team with relevant and useful tools for effective ministry.

Since its inception in 1985, The Northcutt Lecture Series has become an integral part of the academic and spiritual life of the Baylor University School of Music. Through this series nationally and internationally known church music scholars are brought to Baylor University for an annual presentation.

The Hearn Innovators in Christian Music Series is designed to bring innovators in the field of Christian Music to Baylor’s campus and facilitate close interaction between the guest and Baylor’s students. These special visitors may be involved in the practice, creation, or study of Christian Music.

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