Further Learning

We are happy to recommend the below resources for you to grow and further your own working knowledge! Let us know if there are other things you would like to learn by emailing us at character_intervention@baylor.edu.

Learn and Collaborate

Personality Development Collaborative

Find: Information for researchers who are searching for existing longitudinal studies that could be used to test their research questions 

Share: Information for researchers who have longitudinal data on personality development and are seeking collaborators

Collaborate: Resources for conducting large-scale collaborations with data from multiple longitudinal studies

Data Analysis: Recommended readings, sample code, and other resources for conducting longitudinal data analyses

SPSS Resources*

Introduction to Data File for Use with SPSS Tutorials

Introduction to SPSS

Computing Variables

Computing Multi-Item Scales



Exploring Data

Cross Tabs

QQ Plots

Select Case and Split File

Standardize Variables

Skewness and Kurtosis

One Sample t-Test

Independent Sample t-Test

Paired Sample t-Test

Bivariate Correlation

Partial Correlation



Planned Contracts and Post-hoc Contrasts with One Way ANOVA


Contrasts with Two Way ANOVA

Multivariate Analysis of Variance MANOVA

Repeated Measures ANOVA

Cronbach’s Alpha and Reliability Analysis

Single Variable Linear Regression

Multivariate Linear Regression

2-way Interaction between Categorical and Continuous Variables Regression

2-way Interaction between two Continuous Variables Regression

Hierarchical Cluster Analysis

K Mean Cluster Analysis

Two Stage Cluster Analysis

Factor Analysis

*videos made and provided by Dr. Jeff Galak, Carnegie Mellon University