Illuminate Campaign Launch

On November 1, 2018, Baylor University launched its university fundraising campaign, Give Light. As part of the kick-off, a walking-supper event was hosted where nine university faculty were invited to share their research with over 600 Baylor faculty, donors, and alumni. My team was honored to be one of the groups selected, giving us many opportunities to demonstrate the importance of statistics in data science and our world today. We used interactive activities and a 3-D model of a decentralized wastewater treatment facility to explain how we use high-dimensional and high-frequency data to detect and diagnose faults in a physical-biological-chemical wastewater treatment system. If such systems can become autonomous, then local water reuse can be part of the solution to water scarcity in water-stressed communities. Special thanks go to our collaborators at Colorado School of Mines and the National Science Foundation for their support of this project. Statistics Ph.D. student Molly Klanderman and computer science M.S. student Mikhail Shmurygin were both on hand to answer questions during the event, and we even got to meet Baylor President Linda Livingstone! Sic ’em, Bears!

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