Total Funding Awarded to Date: ~ $2,652,000

  • [14] Department of Energy, $2,000,000 (co-PI, my portion ~$360,000) “Reinventing wastewater treatment plants: Energy neutral treatment and enhanced fertilizer production through a novel resource recovery center,” 06/2021-09/2024.
  • [13] Department of Energy: National Alliance for Water Innovation, $100,000,000. “Foundational control methods for water treatment systems,” (co-PI, my portion to date ~$81,000) 10/2020-09/2021.
  • [12] National Science Foundation HDR:DSC, $1,157,928 (PI) “Modernizing Water and Wastewater Treatment through data science Education & Research¬†(MoWaTER),” 10/2019-09/2022.
  • [11] National Science Foundation PFI:BIC, $959,945 (multi-PI, my portion ~$221K) “Self-correcting energy-efficient water reclamation systems for tailored water reuse at decentralized facilities,” 09/2016-08/2019.
  • [10] King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Competitive Research Grants Program, $1 million (multi-PI, my portion ~$318K) “Statistical process monitoring and risk assessment for engineering and spatial environmental applications,” 04/2016-03/2019.
  • [9] National Science Foundation, $18.5 million (multi-PI, my portion ~$250K) “Engineering Research Center (ERC) for re-inventing the nation’s urban water infrastructure (ReNUWIt),” 08/2011-07/2021.
  • [8] Office of Naval Research, $335,511 (with Alexandra Newman, my portion ~$45K) “Energy resource planning tool based on optimal dispatch of autonomous microgrids,” 08/2013-07/2016.
  • [7] MWD Trading, $4,000 (Sole PI) “MWD high frequency trading competition,” 01/2014-05/2014, 01/2015-05/2015.
  • [6] Air Force Institute of Technology, $37,500, (with Alexandra Newman) “Minimizing violence in counterinsurgency,” 09/2013-09/2014.
  • [5] Air Force Institute of Technology, $50,000, (with Alexandra Newman, Steffen Rebennack, and Edward Balistreri) “A system of equations to capture SSTRO dynamics,” 07/2012-07/2013.
  • [4] Center for Research and Education in Wind, $2,000 (Sole PI) “CREW short-term wind forecasting competition,” 01/2013-05/2013.
  • [3] National Renewable Energy Laboratory, $56,180, (Sole PI) “Application of statistical methods for residential building energy analysis,” 05/2012-05/2013.
  • [2] National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program, $130,000 (Student PI Ashley Bell) “Automated statistical quality control methods for historical radiosonde data for 3-dimensional validation of vertical wind speed profiles in regional climate models,” 06/2012-06/2016.
  • [1] Northrop Grumman, $50,000, (Sole PI) “Bayesian space-time point process models for individually identifiable criminal patterns,” 01/2011-12/2011.