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Second Texas Conference on International Business and Economics

Unfortunately, the Second TCIBE is postponed to 2021.


New On-Line Summer Minimester Course – ECO 1305 Issues in Economics for Non-Business Majors

Do you like to watch movies? Need to learn basic economics? Want to take Summer on-line courses at Baylor?

If you answered yes , then the ECO 1305 Section OL1 (CRN 25401) course is the right choice for you!

ECO 1305 also fulfills the Contemporary Social Issues requirement of the Arts & Sciences  core, and many Business minors require it.

This a brand new course designed to use motion pictures—like “It’s a Wonderful World”—as the primary learning tool of economic concepts. Most important, you can take this course on-line at the your home, on campus, or even away while you are doing a part-time internship.

This course will be taught during the Summer Minimester (5/13/20 – 6/1/20). This is the right timing because ECO 1305 is a prerequisite for several other courses. And you could take those other courses later in the the Summer 1 or 2 sessions.

Summer enrollment starts on April 2nd. More details available here.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to see the syllabus of this course.