About PI

Dr. Hatakeyama’s research is an experimental high energy physicist. He currently works on research with the CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Switzerland. His research group performs a wide range of data analyses including searches for Supersymmetry and searches for new phenomena in Higgs boson and top quark sectors using artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, and also works on particle flow event reconstruction using the heterogeneous computing architecture, hadron calorimeter operation and calibration, and new high granularity calorimeter developments. His research is primarily supported by the DOE grant DE-SC0007861.

Research directions:

My research group works on:

  • LHC data analyses
    • studying rare phenomena involving the Higgs boson, top quark, and W/Z bosons.
    • searching for supersymmetry in various scenarios and other new phenomena
  • Particle flow event reconstruction developments and optimization including the acceleration using the heterogeneous computing architecture
  • Hadron calorimeter operation, local reconstruction, and calibration
  • New high granularity calorimeter electronics systems and reconstruction
  • Use of machine learning for physics analyses and event reconstruction

Open positions:

Prospective graduate students: apply through here.
Undergraduate students seeking for research experience: email me.